Global Philanthropic Organization Boosts Data Accessibility with Generative AI


A global philanthropic institution needed in-depth health data to guide its programs and investments. It partnered with Evalueserve to upgrade its global health indicators dashboard with generative AI, enabling business users to navigate the data more independently. 

Implementing a GPT-powered virtual expert facilitated natural language data queries, data exploration beyond what’s displayed on the dashboard, additional context pulled from the internet, and mobile access. Just a month after implementation, user engagement with global health data doubled. 

The Challenge

In global philanthropy, health data points are not just statistics. They represent a mother’s access to birthing facilities, a child’s likelihood of reaching their fifth birthday, or a community’s vulnerability to preventable diseases. Organizations use this information to understand where investments are most needed and which interventions will have the most profound impact. 

A leading global philanthropic organization meticulously tracks health indicators across over 200 countries to shape its programs and drive investment decisions. Since 2014, the organization has leveraged Evalueserve’s research solutions to gather accurate, timely insights. In 2018, at the founder’s request, Evalueserve unveiled a dashboard that consolidated critical health indicators into simple, digestible visualizations. This dashboard eventually occupied prominent screens in executive offices to help them stay on top of overarching trends. 

However, despite these business intelligence (BI) innovations, challenges around data analysis remained. To spot new trends and shape strategic programs, the organization’s leaders needed to look at multiple indicators at once. For example, what is the relationship between under-5 mortality rates and DTP3 coverage? What about the impact of neonatal mortality with facility-based births? The dashboard had basic filtering capabilities, but deeper, more nuanced questions required custom coding and lengthy interactions with business intelligence analysts. 

The imperative was clear: executives needed an effective way to explore the underlying data and harness its rich insights for on-the-spot decision-making. The solution would need to deliver custom reporting and analysis without drowning the user in the sprawling landscape of global health data. 

Our Solution

Evalueserve designed a solution that enhanced the global health dashboard with the latest generative AI capabilities, further modernizing their BI practice. After gathering the data requirements, dissecting the existing architecture, and creating back-end configurations, we deployed a GPT-powered virtual expert on top of the existing dashboard that enabled natural language interactions. 

One of the most critical pieces was discerning user intent. If the virtual expert could not accurately translate natural language commands into data queries, it would not be useful for decision-making. Luckily, Evalueserve had become intimately familiar with the organization’s data needs and workflows from years of partnering in research, data visualization, data engineering, and data science. Drawing on our rich domain expertise, we mapped out the most prevalent use cases and trained the virtual expert on the organization’s unique requirements. 

The capabilities of the generative AI virtual expert include the following: 

  • Real-time Interaction: Users can effortlessly query the data through text or voice commands and receive immediate natural language responses or updates to the visualization. 
  • Extensive Data Access: The virtual expert is not limited to the data displayed on the dashboard. It can seamlessly navigate multiple datasets to pull relevant data points and analyses. 
  • External Integration: In an innovative step, we linked the virtual expert with Google and Wikipedia, addressing users’ frequent need for additional context on relevant health indicators, events, and regions. 
  • Mobile Compatibility: Recognizing the evolving workspace, the virtual expert was also optimized for mobile use, ensuring data access on the go. 

Business Impact

The integration of the generative AI virtual expert marked a pivotal shift in the organization’s data accessibility, user engagement, and BI modernization. In the inaugural month, interactions with the dashboard and its underlying data increased twofold. 

More than just a query tool, the GPT-powered virtual expert became an ally in swift and informed decision-making. Beyond immediate access to structured data from in-house dashboards and databases, it seamlessly connected with external sources, granting users a rich tapestry of information, all while ensuring mobile compatibility. This generative AI solution is transforming workflows across the philanthropic organization and championing data-centric decision-making at every level.  

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