How a Global Investment Manager Improved Turnaround Time by 30% and Reduced Costs by 20%

The Challenge

A global investment manager with over $800bn assets under management struggled with operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness. As a result, the client was looking for a partner who could develop a targeted operating model for its marketing team that would enhance its operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness, and overall customer experience.

• The key outcomes the client was hoping to achieve:

• Streamline content operations

• Build an analytics roadmap

• Develop an operational plan

Our Solution

Our core team of process consultants and subject matter experts (SMEs) first worked to uncover primary pain points that the global investment manager was experiencing through internal interviews and analysis. Then, we benchmarked the client’s current processes against industry best practices to identify areas of improvement and ways to maximize ROI.

As the second step, the team created a targeted operating model to reflect the client’s point of view regarding scalability, interoperability, and reliability. We also identified ways to maximize ROI within the client’s existing infrastructure. These two exercises ensured that our solution fit the client’s needs and objectives.

global investment manager
global investment manager

The solution spanned multiple business functions such as product marketing, digital marketing, marketing analytics, and distribution to ensure that the whole marketing function would be improved. We then created a central data repository and a digital content management platform that would provide the client with automation, design, and desktop publishing support.

Business Impact

Our specific and customized recommendations on process improvements and automation opportunities were swiftly implemented into the global investment manager’s infrastructure resulted in data processes (sourcing, storing, calculating, validating, dissemination) being centralized, the creation of templated documents being automated, and all workflows being automated for swift turnaround time.

20% reduced costs

in Year 1 of the engagement

30% improvement

in overall turnaround time

Execution Efficiency

through multiple custom automations across business functions

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