Implementing Innovation Engine for Leading Automobile Manufacturer


A leading automobile manufacturer needed support throughout their entire innovation cycle. Evalueserve implemented our Innovation Engine approach, identifying disruptive, emerging technologies in the automotive industry, investigating new tech impact on the client’s business, creating innovation goals, and providing innovation enablement services. Our engagement helped keep the automobile manufacturer in the top tier with a top-notch, well-informed innovation strategy.

The Challenge

The automobile manufacturer, a top industry player, needed to secure its future. To do so, it needed better insight into the latest technology and market developments. Its internal innovation team did not have the bandwidth for extensive intellectual property (IP) research and was better served focusing on the legal side.

The automobile maker asked Evalueserve to provide holistic support throughout the innovation cycle. The client chose Evalueserve because of its existing team of IP experts who were already experienced in the automotive domain.

Automobile Manufacturer Improves IP Process with Innovation Engine

Our Solution

Evalueserve implemented an Innovation Engine approach, which consists of five main components:

  • Exploration – The Innovation Engine exercise starts with identifying disruptive, emerging technologies in the automotive space. This helped the client build an Innovation Radar to track new developments, which can include new technologies, product launches, investments, acquisitions, new use cases of existing technologies, etc.
  • Investigation – Our experts investigated the Who, What, Why, and Where and impacts of the latest developments.
  • Creating Innovation Goals – After consulting with the automobile manufacturer, Evalueserve prioritized selected technologies by evaluating them on various parameters and generated short- and long-term innovation goals.
  • Innovation Monitoring – Evalueserve continuously monitors the automotive domain for new tech, sending quarterly updates on the latest developments and their effect on the ecosystem.
  • Innovation Enablement – Our experts assist the client in reaching its newly set short- and long-term innovation goals. We identify potential roadblocks on the client’s path to reaching its goals and assess regulations that could potentially affect the client’s progress.


In addition to implementing an Innovation Engine, Evalueserve’s experts conduct risk assessment studies such as FTO, clearance, Invalidity, and technology scouting. The team highlights white spaces in the domain, generates patentable ideas, and helps with patentability search and drafting and patent prosecution.

Business Impact

The automotive manufacturer now has a consistently strong finger on the pulse of market activity, technological development, and competitor news. With Evalueserve’s support from end-to-end on innovation, the client has made great strides to become an organization that allows data to inform their IP process and decision-making. This increased market awareness and assessment of new technologies have been crucial to the company’s continued success, keeping them at the top of the sector by anticipating threats and remaining cutting-edge.

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