International Implementing Agency Identifies Key Enablers and Barriers for Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization (RVVI) Program Through Robust Analysis Tool

The Challenge

An international implementing agency is providing technical support to the government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) country-wide Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization (RVVI) program. At the implementation stage of the program, the client’s key challenges include:

•   Monthly monitoring of the Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization program at state and district levels

•   Analyzing the overall performance of the program

•   Identifying key enablers and barriers related to the RVVI program

Our Solution

Our team worked closely with the client’s Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization program team to streamline their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities, provide technical support for research and data analysis, and offer strategic insights for future program strategies.

The team focused on creating and implementing robust monitoring, reporting, and analysis mechanism for the client that:

•   Visualized the RVVI program’s key outcomes

•   Analyzed KPIs such as coverage, drop-outs, and missed opportunities of vaccinations

•   Streamlined the client’s data management and standardization process

The implementation was carried out in three phases:

Planning Phase: Our team first assessed the client’s existing M&E frameworks to see what was working and what was falling short. Then, we drilled down specific targets that the client wanted to achieve, the KPIs that needed to be measured, and the timeframe of the project. 

Implementation Phase: During the second phase, our team implemented analytical dashboards, tools, and reports that provided the client with real-time data management, modeling scenarios of coverage, and capacity build-up support. We assessed the supply and availability of vaccines in various geographies, and the need to create additional demand for RVVI in low-performing areas.

Post-Implementation Phase: The final phase focused on assessing the overall performance of RVVI, identifying and documenting the successes and failures during implementation, and generating crucial evidence as well as recommendations to improve the quality of intervention.

Business Impact

Our solution enabled the client to:

1) Strengthen the planning processes, thereby facilitating the better design of future programs

2) Enrich the quality of program implementation through KPI tracking, automated data capture, advanced analysis, and visualization

3) Improve the overall outreach of the program by onboarding all states and creating visibility and impact with a wide range of audiences.

4) Expedite publications of their program in peer-reviewed journals

5) Make corrective measures and replicate this process for their teams across the country

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