Global Banking Leader Turns to Evalueserve for Customized Investment Analytics


One of the world’s largest banks and a long-term customer turned to Evalueserve to resolve its corporate finance analytics challenges.

Junior banking is notorious for its highly demanding, 100-hour workweeks. The culture of last-minute requests around the clock is full of inefficiencies and leads to burnout. Analytics decisions were often bottlenecked and late. The existing analytics solution did not have data automation in place, and the bank experienced long report queues and less transparency on its insights, which created more work for its junior bankers.

A global investment bank approached Evalueserve to upskill junior bankers through automation versus more hours. The bank knew about our suite of productivity tools developed from two decades of support for top ten banks and wanted to implement similar automations in its own environment. The bank had an existing relationship with Evalueserve and trusted us to work collaboratively towards a customized solution that met the bank’s goals.

The Goal

The bank needed faster, higher quality, and more authoritative insights based on transparent data. The bank hoped to observe analyst capacity and usage, as well as availability for more work. They also wanted visibility into how the data was being analyzed. The bank wanted better management of its corporate financial analytics program to create more control and hasten and improve the insights. To make its efforts successful, the bank needed a solution that would create a steady state of improved corporate finance analytics. This included transparency, the willingness to work with bankers, and the ability to guide the data analysis towards decision-supporting insights. The bank needed more than just AI or data cleaning — it needed a trusted partner to create a customized investment banking automation solution.

The Problem

The bank’s old process took one week to deliver the insights, and there was little transparency into the insight-backed recommendations. Both challenges were foundational, without existing architecture or automation tools in place to govern and a lack of subject matter experts serving as analysts.

Our Solution

Evalueserve was asked to deploy a three-month EMEA pilot that leveraged our decision-based framework to create a robust and transparent solution. The company deployed an architecture using mind+machine methodologies to guide and train the AI to deliver the necessary insights for bankers.

Automations included:

  • Data consolidation and transformation of data using macro-based tools configured to specific templates
  • Configurable interface for an end-user to search and extract required reports
  • Standardized report creation and updates
  • Customized design toolbars installed as add-ins in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Distribution of email alerts

These automations helped both banking analysts and leadership improve business outcomes. Junior bankers received insights faster and had more transparency into the insights to better inform their recommendations. The bank also had a better understanding of workload and available capacity. In short, the analyst-trained AI investment banking automation solution immediately improved the process, strengthening productivity, transparency, and quality. The pilot was approved and expanded across the globe to each region’s larger investment banking group.

Evalueserve was selected as the permanent vendor because we:

  • Increased speed of insights delivery by 20%, improving the bank’s productivity and ability to invest strategically and in a competitive fashion.
  • Provided transparency into its analyst pipeline and updated client on potential capacity multiple times a day.
  • Reported ROI – to actively track productivity gains, identify patterns for the automations that perform well, and provide visibility to leadership on business impact.
  • Had great automation design and implementation – to make sure each automation integrates seamlessly into the existing environment and accurately completes the tasks requested.
  • Featured a decision-oriented framework – to systematically identify and assess automation opportunities. We also crowdsourced ideas, empowering bankers.
  • Had a long-term relationship with the client, producing consistent client-driven results year after year.

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