Managing distribution process through Seismic platform


One of the world's leading asset managers wanted to improve its distribution process for Financial Marketing Material content (Fund Marketing + Digital Marketing). These were distributed to its front-end marketing stakeholders (advisors, clients, internal and external stakeholders).

Evalueserve Digital Marketing team was tasked to understand the existing process, identify gaps, and help in developing a fail-safe process to distribute these materials through multiple channels. Evalueserve was able to assist through a two-pronged approach:

  • Seismic (tool for distribution & posting): Evalueserve understood the nuances of the Seismic tool, redesigned the process and managed all Seismic postings
  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain experts: The Evalueserve Digital Marketing team developed a thorough understanding of the platform, folder structure, metadata, expiration process, restoring pieces, etc.

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve its distribution process which was owned by multiple stakeholders leading to issues like delays in posting, inconsistent data and tagging of materials.

Our Solution

Evalueserve Digital team understood the existing process, refined, and consolidated it to manage all Seismic postings. In parallel, they created a knowledge repository.

  • Seismic platform management
    • The Evalueserve Digital Team took up ownership of the entire posting process - from updating & correcting the metadata to setting up a review process to make sure the content is correctly posted. Content posting were made more efficient by updating the metadata, creating a process around posting of content and active co-ordination with the material owners.
  • Key deliverables
    • Metadata for all pieces (existing and new) were thoroughly checked, adjustments made, and missing data filled so that the pieces are reflected in the correct folders
    • After setting up the process - piece owners, fund managers, and other key stakeholders were trained with the process wherein every Seismic posting was now handled by Evalueserve
    • Created a knowledge repository of over 22,000 pieces – with details covering – content owner, metatags etc.
  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain Experts
    • Domain experts developed a thorough understanding of the Seismic platform, including its complex folder structure, metadata, expiration process, and restoration process. With some redesign, a streamlined approach was implemented, leading to improved data quality and reduced time to market.

Business Impact

  • Achieved 24 hours turn-around-time (TAT) for making pieces available on Seismic even during peak load period
  • Content posted accurately, with complete metadata tagged and duplicate entries removed
  • Created a knowledge repository of over 22,000 pieces over the last 5 years

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