Market and Competitive Intelligence for Actionable Insights in the Edtech Market


One of the largest global edtech providers for online teaching and learning wanted a comprehensive overview of the current and future state of the global edtech market. For this, the client wanted to follow its main competitors closely and understand consumer and education trends, emerging technologies in online learning, and any changes in the workforce in detail.

The Challenge

Our client was looking for a partner to help it set up a coherent and centralized competitive and market intelligence program to deliver insights to professionals in its different business areas (B2B, B2C, and instructors) and corporate functions (sales and business development, partnerships and acquisitions, product marketing, etc.) across multiple geographies.

Our Solution

We deployed a 360 advanced intelligence program powered by our AI-enabled digital solution, Insightsfirst, and backed by our domain experts.

  • Insightsfirst tracked multiple data sources to generate real-time insights and provided a unified market and competitive landscape view. The platform offered insights in an intuitive format and allowed users to provide well-packaged information to key stakeholders.
  • Domain experts identified underlying themes, helped improvise the AI engines, and added business context on top of the insights collected from the platform.
  • Insightsfirst Competitive Intelligence (CI) – Evalueserve leveraged the Insightsfirst platform to build a complex market and competitive intelligence program. The platform leverages AI and NLP engines and a deep understanding of the edtech market to deliver targeted intelligence to the entire firm.

    Key deliverables:

    • Real-time and multi-lingual monitoring of the edtech markets in 20 countries (in the Americas, Europe, and Asia).
    • Detailed analysis of strategic developments and investments of over 40 edtech players.
    • Interactive charts and dashboards to discover emerging trends (e.g., AI, education reforms, etc.) and competitive threats (e.g., university partnerships).
    • The central repository of market / competitive intelligence insights and deliverables to re-use and disseminate relevant intelligence.
  • Knowledge solutions via domain experts
    • Leveraging our domain experts, we added business context and industry know-how to the intelligence program. Evalueserve analysts optimized the AI engines of the platform by providing inputs on relevant keywords and news sources.
    • Besides the competitive intelligence part, Evalueserve provided elaborated market intelligence pieces that helped the client better understand the current and future trends (AI deployment, VR / AR, new business models, mobile learning, etc.) on a global and country level.
    • Along with the news tracking, Evalueserve created detailed company profiles of some of the most important competitors and updated each quarter with the relevant information.

Business Impact

  • Reduced the time to deliver insights to multiple stakeholders by 30%
  • Offered strategic intelligence to enable market expansion and product positioning
  • Provided easy access to company-wide MICI assets for over 200 stakeholders
  • Increased conversion by leveraging detailed competitive profiles and battle cards

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