Market and Competitive Intelligence for Evaluating Business Expansion Opportunities within the Real Estate Industry


The corporate and product strategy team of a global commercial real estate (CRE) consulting firm was considering to enter the proptech business segment by building in-house capabilities and engaging in new partnerships or acquiring an existing brand. To make cohesive decisions, our client wanted to develop an in-depth understanding of technology products and keep up with the latest developments in the proptech sector.

The Challenge

Traditionally, internal teams had limited information collected manually and not contextualized to support proactive decision making. Also, they leveraged simple spreadsheets to disseminate information to key business stakeholders. Our client needed an automated and centralized solution that could provide insights on time.

Our Solution

We deployed a 360 advanced intelligence program powered by our AI-enabled digital solution, Insightsfirst, and backed by our domain experts.

  • Insightsfirst tracked multiple data sources to generate real-time insights and provided a unified market and competitive landscape view. The platform offered insights in an intuitive format and allowed users to provide well-packaged information to key stakeholders.
  • Domain experts identified underlying themes, helped improvise the AI engines, and added business context on top of the insights collected from the platform.
  • Insightsfirst Competitive Intelligence (CI) – Evalueserve leveraged the Insightsfirst platform to build a complex market and competitive intelligence program. The platform leverages AI and NLP engines and a deep understanding of the edtech market to deliver targeted intelligence to the entire firm.

    Key deliverables:

    • Identified target competitors and news related to cross-cutting proptech.
    • Provided insights into what competitors are discussing across topics, asset classes, technologies, and trends, including smart buildings, virtual 3D inspections, building management systems, and tech-enabled brokerage.
    • Delivered in-depth details on key developments within the PropTech space, such as M&As, alliances, partnerships, digital investments, and hiring.
  • Knowledge solutions via domain experts
    • Added business context and industry know-how and helped optimize the AI engines of the platform by providing inputs on relevant keywords and news sources.
    • Conducted detailed assessment and mapping of proptech solutions offered by competitors across categories such as capital planning, building design, and property valuation.
    • Identified proptech companies across the real estate value chain, such as fundraising, property development, leasing, building operations, and tenant experience.
    • Conducted regulatory and market gap assessment to pinpoint geographies and markets with maximum opportunities.

Business Impact

  • Increased the speed of generating insights by 70%
  • Reduced the time required to deliver insights to multiple stakeholders by 40%
  • Centralized CI-related insights across departments and geographies
  • Developed profound go-to-market (GTM) plan for existing products and geographies

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