Top Five Wealth Management Firm Hires Evalueserve to Optimize Marketing Analytics

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A global top five wealth management firm running a multi-channel demand generation program sought to optimize its marketing analytics through a digital marketing funnel and trends analysis. With in-person events and one-on-one meetings severely limited by the pandemic, the firm increased its emphasis on attracting leads on quality investors through digital channels. They wanted to use their vast data to visualize the entire customer journey and scale their demand generation and marketing campaigns.

The client turned to Evalueserve to optimize its lead funnel and marketing actions. Evalueserve’s decision-based framework offered them an analyst-driven approach to artificial intelligence that would hasten their sales cycle and help them identify new customer acquisition trends.

The Goal

The wealth management firm sought to refine its data and insights to drive marketing strategy. They hoped to build two end-to-end data streams, one to optimize its lead identification process. The firm wanted an improved process for identifying online leads and getting those leads to sales within 24 hours of the potential customer identifying themselves on the website.

The second major initiative sought to better leverage the firm’s marketing data to produce decision-ready strategic insights. The project would analyze the incredible amount of marketing data the firm receives from various streams and identify pertinent new marketing strategies. Based on the marketing analytics, Evalueserve experts would then point out key marketing campaign trends and visualize information in decision-ready reports.

The Problem

The customer had the full gamut of marketing data, but the larger end-to-end customer journey was not represented visually. Further, they wanted decision-ready insights, from lead-specific optimization to ROI analysis and strategic impacts. The firm wanted to apply stronger data governance and foundation and quickly implement solutions to address its lead funnel and marketing insights optimization.

Marketing Analytics  

How Evalueserve Fit the Client’s Needs

Evalueserve began its work with the wealth management firm in 2019 when a former client joined the firm in a lead marketing role. This initial project built the confidence to invite Evalueserve to address the larger marketing analytics challenges. In September 2021, the client selected Evalueserve to build the wealth management firm’s digital marketing channel optimization solutions. 

The Evalueserve team is:

  • Cleaning up data from disparate sources — including website, email, marketing automation, and CRM tools — to better visualize the full customer journey.
  • Optimizing the client’s data analysis processes and governance from 30 different sources, and how they were used to visualize the customer journey.
  • Performing ROI analysis by resolving attribution weighting within the customer journey, cost of campaigns, and cost performance.
  • Optimizing lead identification and delivery to hasten the sales cycle by designing an AI system to deliver data, scoring, prediction models, and delivery within 24 hours. 
  • Visualizing data to tell executives a story with understandable information to make marketing decisions.

Additional solutions included a trial for competitive intelligence insights.

Evalueserve was selected because:

  • The client was already experienced with how Evalueserve analyzed campaign data and delivered decision-ready analytics. 
  • Evalueserve understood not only data but also the complexity of disparate financial marketing solutions from Adobe to Salesforce.
  • Prior initiatives brought an experienced analyst and data engineering team with similar use cases in its portfolio to the table.
  • Our flattened team structure allowed for transparency and blended knowledge sharing between marketing analysts and data engineering, increasing speed to market.
  • Evalueserve’s global nature brought the best assets and the right amount of resources to play regardless of location.


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