Multi-function Solutions for Global Gains

The Challenge

The client was looking for a reliable partner to provide professional research services in numerous areas.

  • Dearth of sector analysis for independent point of views and insights across sectors
  • Lack of research support for financial advisory teams across the deals / financial advisory value chain
  • Lack of business development and thought leadership support or rapid research for operations teams across locations
  • Absence of competitive intelligence and media monitoring
  • Lack of macroeconomic data analysis and comparable analysis

Our Approach 

Evalueserve conducted a service design workshop for each network firm it supports. The Evalueserve team worked closely with users of research and analytics services to understand their typical requirements and pain points. Following the analysis, we recommended

  • Establishing a team across multiple delivery locations to provide an extended service window
  • Applying a suite of digital platforms, such as Researchstream, Optimization Suite, and Insightsfirst, to drive efficiency and provide actionable insights
  • Creating a product portfolio customized per the firm’s specific requirements
  • Assigning clearly defined responsibility areas for relevant stakeholders
  • Partnering with clients with a traditional engagement model for assured success

Our Solution

During its 10+ year relationship with the client, Evalueserve has been offering multi-level research solutions, customized for each unique operations team within the firm.

Evalueserve supports the client in the Americas, Australasia, Japan, and the Middle East through a dedicated team and ad hoc assistance.

Our services to the client, provided through more than 700,000 hours of project work, include sector analysis, thought leadership projects, CRM support, data analytics, and rapid research for its financial advisory, business development, and case teams.

Business Impact

Increased productivity, leading to the development of new capabilities

  • Ability to conduct research in new parts of the world, including Southeast Asia and parts of Latin America
  • Access to Researchstream for more than 75,000 professionals in the client organization
  • Access to new capabilities, such as intellectual property specialists, who are able to validate thought leadership pieces with patent data and filings
  • Productivity gains and standardization of output; Evalueserve has been delivering enhanced quality with almost 20% higher throughput

The average satisfaction ratings for the services offered by Evalueserve were ‘Delight’ to ‘Above Expectations’.