New Umbrella Website for an Asset Management Client


The client, one of the world’s leading asset managers, wanted a single umbrella website to manage all content under one roof and thereby track investor’s journey. The content of different websites was managed from different platforms using separate credentials making it hard to track investor journeys.

Evalueserve provided two solutions - Content management system (CMS) migration and Knowledge Solutions via Domain Experts.

  • CMS migration allowed collating content under one website resulting in a single login credential (SSO-Single Sign-On) and hence made managing websites easier
  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain experts who grasped the client's requirements, and collaborated with technical teams to ensure a smooth migration of websites

The Challenge

The client wanted to optimize its website structure, which included multiple standalone websites with separate credentials, which made it difficult to track the investor's journey through its website. They wanted to generate insights related to content consumption by an investor or investor preferences.

Our Solution

Evalueserve created a new umbrella website with an enhanced user experience for investors.

  • Content management system migration - Through content migration, Evalueserve created an umbrella website for the clients.
  • Key deliverables:

    • Migrated separate websites from different platforms to one content management system resulting in a single login credential (SSO)
    • Migration into one content management system made it easier for authors to manage the pages and maintain website governance
    • Migration also led to ease of tracking usage and provided a wholistic view of customer insights

  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain Experts
    • Understood the requirements of the client and worked in collaboration with multiple teams to achieve the desired result.
    • Advised client on potential challenges / key bottleneck areas and solutions to overcome these challenges.
    • Provided various mockups and tested each component of the website to ensure smooth migration of websites.

Business Impact

  • Developed dynamic pages that can be personalized based on region and audience
  • Implemented innovative solutions to streamline maintenance like automating document posting on the website
  • Set up advanced analytics features such as event tracking to track investor journeys and preferences
  • Creating shared pages led to a reduction in overall compliance workload by ~15%

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