Optimizing Competitor Intelligence: Empowering a Leading Investment Management Firm with Strategic Insights and Efficiency Gains

About the Client

The client ranks among the top 5 investment management firms in the US and provides a wide range of investment products and wealth management services. Evalueserve has a long-standing engagement with this client and offers dedicated support to multiple teams within the organization.

Problem Statement

The client managed several competitor intelligence teams that operated independently and served various business groups. These teams struggled with vast amounts of unstructured data while trying to derive timely insights amid rapidly changing industry dynamics. The team’s capacity was heavily utilized by labor-intensive, repetitive, and continuous tasks, which led to delays in producing valuable insights. The client aimed to enhance the system’s efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing its competitor intelligence operations.

Evalueserve Solution

Evalueserve established a managed services competitive intelligence program to provide timely and actionable insights, empowering business leaders to make informed and accurate decisions. Evalueserve formed a proficient team of domain experts with extensive knowledge in the asset and wealth management sector across the retail and institutional segments. The experts have worked extensively with over 90 AWM-specific databases.

The engagement involved various competitor intelligence teams, encompassing retail, institutional, and advisor segments, corporate strategy, and brand & marketing strategy. The areas of support included the following key categories:

  • Market Intelligence: This involved tracking the ever-evolving AWM industry landscape and analyzing vast amounts of data to find useful insights. These insights helped the client maintain its competitive edge by helping to spot potential opportunities.
  • Competitor Insights: The objective was to analyze a substantial amount of competitor data obtained from various public and paid sources and provide comprehensive insights into the competitive landscape. This empowered the client to swiftly respond to emerging competitive challenges and improve its product offerings.
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy: The focus was on scrutinizing advertisements, social media posts, and marketing campaigns to extract valuable insights into competitors’ brand positioning and marketing strategies. These insights proved invaluable for the client in developing a robust marketing strategy and strengthening its competitive differentiation.

The Evalueserve team seamlessly integrated with the client's team, acting as an extension of their workforce. They fostered close collaboration through regular scheduled calls and worked in tandem on various projects.


1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Generated 30% additional bandwidth for the client team by taking complete ownership of critical tactical tasks and recurring workstreams. By entrusting competitor intelligence tasks to Evalueserve, the client redirected internal resources toward strategic endeavors, further optimizing operational effectiveness.

2. Prompt Access to Competitor Data: Provided quick access to competitor data and insights facilitated through user-friendly, self-enabled dashboards which were created by aggregating and processing data from more than 30 asset management specific databases

3. Agile Response to Market Shifts: Enabled the client team to rapidly adapt strategies to evolving market dynamics by providing regular updates on industry developments and competitor moves

4. Strategic Decision-Making Support: Offered in-depth analysis and tailored insights for strategic initiatives such as go-to-market strategies and new product introductions, empowering the client to make well-informed strategic choices

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