Private Equity Firm Accelerates Investment Reviews


Evalueserve supported a leading mid-market-focused Private Equity firm to manage the data and financials of its portfolio companies. We also analyzed the portfolio companies’ potential investments and conducted commercial and financial due diligence to enable faster decision-making for the PE firm. Evalueserve organized and analyzed the data, converted them into structured packs, and provided actionable insights for strategic decision-making.


Our client, a private equity firm focused on small and midsized companies, needs to frequently examine the financial and operational health of its portfolio companies and perform due diligence on other prospective investments. It works with extremely large data sets and often faces a challenge to quickly derive actionable insights from those data files.


Evalueserve undertook a comprehensive private equity due diligence process to comprehend the data and provide the client with the following outputs:

  • Financial summary: Detailed summary of monthly and annual financial statements, including key GAAP and non-GAAP metrics. For example, revenue build, cost details, and adjusted EBITDA.
  • Customer and project analysis: Identification of top customers, revenue concentration, operational summaries of various departments, project-level analysis, etc.
  • Operational data: Department / location-wise employment history, hiring / attrition, bill rates, per head cost analysis, etc.

Evalueserve created a well-defined process and system that required negligible supervision from the client. 

Business Impact

  • Quick decision making

Given that the client no longer had to deal with a ‘gazillion’ raw data files, it realized significant time savings. The client dedicated that time to identifying actionable areas and was able to make decisions quicker than before.

  • Precise evaluation of new investments

Our multi-angle analysis helped the client to identify risks related to new investments and areas that required more attention and clarification.

  • Significant time saving

Our thorough analysis and outputs saved 15–20 hours for the client. Moreover, as expected, the client received a high-level analysis and high-quality output.

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