Provide Marketable Fund Comparisons using Process Re-engineering


Battle cards were manually created by one of the world's leading asset managers for its advisors to help them compare its funds to competitors and use in client meetings. The client wanted to optimize their 3-step manual process for producing these battle cards.

Evalueserve provided two solutions - Process re-engineering and Knowledge Solutions via Domain Experts.

  • Process re-engineering improved this by reducing the process to a 2-step approach, eliminating the need for PowerPoint, and producing PDFs directly from Excel
  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain experts who understood the client's requirements, identified areas for improvement, and thoroughly tested the process

The Challenge

A global asset manager prepared battle cards (time-sensitive requirements) for its advisors to help them compare funds with competitors and use them for client meetings. Currently, the client's process is a manual one involving template creation from raw data sourced from different databases, design, and delivery in a 3-step process to produce final documents i.e., Excel → PowerPoint → PDF

Our Solution

  • Process re-engineering - Through process re-engineering, Evalueserve provided marketable fund comparisons (battle cards) to Global Asset Manager's sales teams.

    Key deliverables:

    • Elimination of 3-step process to produce the final output: Improved to a 2-step process to produce final output i.e., Excel → PDF
    • Created automated templates to produce final output quickly
    • Created templates to streamline the data-sourcing process from multiple databases
    • Enabled the distribution and availability of fund performance comparison in a shorter time on a digital platform

  • Knowledge Solutions via Domain Experts
    • The dedicated team understood the requirements of the client for process improvement
    • Identified, streamlined, and automated the fund performance comparison process through process re-engineering and proper testing

Business Impact

  • Reduced turnaround time by 50% for new requests
  • Recurring updates, reduced turnaround time to 25%
  • Enhanced the capabilities to enable the sales teams to cater to client requests promptly

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