Sales Enablement Support to Leading Dental Devices Company


A leading dental devices company that deals in clear aligners, intraoral scanners, and related digital platforms approached Evalueserve for sales enablement solutions and support. Evalueserve supported the company by providing reports on competitors’ products, promotions, and sales strategies in North America through primary and secondary research. It also provided quick and strategic insights on 70 players across product segments hosted on its proprietary AI-enabled platform Insightsfirst.

The Challenge

The company wanted to assess its competitors' strategies across its product segments. As such, it required Evalueserve to provide competitive intelligence and sales enablement support, executive leadership reports, and primary market research study.

Our Solution

Sales Enablement Support

Evalueserve provided the following:

  • Strategic deep-dive of competitors: Insights into competitors’ strategies with focus on product, pricing, place, and promotions (4Ps).
    • Social media monitoring of competitors across major platforms
  • Competitive benchmarking: Heat maps and threat analysis based on a comparison of commercial and technical features of existing products in the market to develop in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape.
  • Battlecards and other sales assets: Overview of the company’s product compared with its competitors.
  • Training curriculum: Sales training modules to help the company’s sales team make better customer pitches and gain a competitive edge.
  • Competitive intelligence quick bites and weekly digest: Regular alerts and insights related to steps taken by key competitors including product launches, regulatory approvals, partnerships, M&A, organizational restructuring, conferences, etc.

Executive Leadership Reports

Evalueserve created quarterly reports by consolidating the latest business and financial highlights of the company’s key competitors and provided a brief analysis of key themes such as

  • Launches / updates
  • M&A, divestitures
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Executive changes

Other strategic reports were also delivered to help create actionable insights including

  • SWOT analysis, heat maps, threat and impact analysis
  • Short and long-term recommendations around the market positioning strategy

Primary Market Research (PMR)

Evalueserve conducted PMR studies covering both demand and supply side for the client. The studies intended to assess the prices of its competitor’s products such as clear aligners, intraoral scanners and any associated dental devices to refocus its pricing strategy. Apart from staying relevant with the latest developments on competitor activity, the insights from the PMR study further solidified competitor profiling conducted through secondary research. The insights from PMR were successfully utilized for educating and training relevant stakeholders across functional teams within the company.

Business Impact

Insights gathered helped the client better understand competitors, market disruptions, and market evolution with respect to key players. It also enabled the sales, marketing and leadership teams to transform their strategy and execute timely actions for better business outcomes.

Evalueserve’s up-to-date reports, hosted on Insightsfirst, helped uncover competitors’ strategies and sales tactics. With detailed benchmarking and a holistic view of competitors’ products and services, the client was able to identify gaps and differentiate its products in the market. This enabled the client to not only gather comprehensive view of the competitive landscape but also helped them effectively position their products in the market.