Strategic Assessment of Fortune 500 Companies Retirement Assets


A Fortune 100 Financial Services firm offering investment, advice and retirement solution wanted to analyze retirement plans and assets of Fortune 500 companies in the US to target suitable firms with their own retirement income offerings.

Evalueserve conducted an in-depth research analyzing Fortune 500 companies’ retirement plans, assets and recordkeepers. The client also wanted to gauge market trends about transition from defined benefit (DB) plans to defined contribution (DC) plans in most firms.

The Challenge

The client needed a comprehensive assessment across DC and DB assets size of Fortune 500 companies, along with the frozen year of DB plan.

The challenge was to analyze firms’ retirement assets to help the client identify firms to target their retirement income product and service offerings, thereby, increasing its penetration in the marketplace.

Our Solution

Our team conducted a detailed competitor assessment study comprising of a three-step approach to help the client understand its whitespaces and promising opportunity areas to offer its retirement income product and service offerings

  • Step 1: The team built a list of Fortune 500 companies and created a detailed matrix with company level data including CEO, revenue, location etc.
  • Step 2: This step involved collecting data for all 500 companies about their retirement assets (DB and DC) data for latest year, the year in which DB plan was frozen and recordkeeper information. The team leveraged multiple sources like company websites, financial documents (including 10k and 11k), press releases, and paid sources like Pensions & Investments (P&I)
  • Step 3: The final step involved analyzing companies based on data available and helped client in identifying whitespace opportunities. Also provided additional findings wrt. the trends in shift from DB plans to DC plans in past couple of years

Business Impact

  • Based on assets size of retirement assets in Fortune 500, client was able to better understand about the overall market size
  • Client gained more clarity on the ongoing trend of shift from DB to DC plans over the years; an uptick from 2008
  • Allowed client to identify whitespace opportunities, thereby targeting firms with their retirement income offerings

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