Strategic Competitive Assessment for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Provider


A Fortune 100 Financial Services firm offering investment, advice and retirement solution wanted to analyze value proposition and differentiation strategies of key competitors’ and identify implications to their evolving strategy and value proposition.

Evalueserve's Market & Competitive Intelligence team helped assessing competitor’s marketing, segmentation, product and distribution strategies, thereby, identifying competitor’s value propositions and differentiation strategy. The client was then provided with actionable insights and recommendations to re-align their strategies over time. The integrated competitive landscape view enabled client to compete intelligently and make informed decisions.

The Challenge

The Financial Services firm needed a comprehensive competitor assessment across marketing, segmentation, product, and distribution segments. The key challenge was to locate the gaps within its own value proposition and differentiation strategies and its competitors’ and determine significance to their evolving strategy and value proposition.

The main business need for this competitive intelligence study was to strengthen its core position and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Our Solution

Our team conducted a detailed competitor assessment study comprising of a three-step approach to help the client understand its competitors’ value proposition and strategies and to align to its own strategic design.

Step 1

Competitor Analysis

Step 2

Identifying Value Proposition and Core Differentiation Strategy

Step 3

Key Findings and Recommendations

Step 1: Competitive Analysis involved analyzing competitor firms on the following:

Marketing & Brand Analysis: The marketing analysis process involved scanning through company websites and mining marketing databases to monitor and analyze competitors’ marketing activity, initiatives taken to attract customers; thereby providing a comparative view. Further, brand analysis was conducted by analyzing consumer surveys and understanding brand attributes among consumers, calculated scores, created heat maps and identified potential white space.

The analysis displayed competitors’ marketing & branding landscape highlighting gaps or potential white spaces.

Brand Attributes
Reasonable Pricing
and Fees
Offers Wide Range of
Products & Services
for Different Life Stages
Puts My Interest First
Is Innovative and
Forward Thinking
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3

Segment Analysis: Conducted a detailed analysis of competitor’s segmental focus, including demographic/generational, wealth tier, gender, occupation, and nationality and identified their active segmentation strategy

Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3

Product Analysis: Analyzed competitor’s product offerings by assessing their position in the value chain and created product maps. These product maps were further leveraged to draw product strategy

Distribution Analysis: Analyzed competitor’s distribution models and identified their distribution strategy by understanding their distribution channels (digital vs human), investment locations (financial centers) and number of financial advisors

Step 2: Identifying value proposition and core differentiation strategy process involved assimilating all the analysis done in step 1 and creating focus areas which define a competitor’s value proposition. 

Product Leader
Customer Intimacy
Low Cost
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Competitor 3
Competitor 4

The identification process helped the client provide a holistic view of competitor’s core value proposition and their differentiation strategy, thereby evaluating its own relative position in each therapeutic area and overall.

Step 3: Key findings – The final step involved identifying gaps and opportunity areas and giving actionable recommendations with the aim to re-align client’s overall strategy.

  • Identified ‘customer intimacy’ to be a core differentiator and recommendations to tap into targeted customer segments
  • Suggestions to further invest in creating a seamless digital customer experience, that integrates with existing channels

Business Impact

  • Detailed analysis of competitor’s differentiated strategy and value proposition enabled client to adapt their strategy
  • The competitive intelligence helped the client understand key opportunity areas and activation levers to unlock value
  • The assessment directed client to target niche market segments leveraging its unique value proposition
  • Strategic alignment for offering a compelling omnichannel customer experience


Enabled client to get levers to realign their strategy based on insights from deeper study into competitors’ strategy and value proposition
Identified key opportunity areas, a niche market segment, suited to its unique value proposition

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