Support for Brand Adherence and Consistent Creative Expression

The Challenge

  • Fragmented access to designers across multiple agencies and design studios · Absence of dedicated design team to build deeper understanding of brand knowledge along with business reality, needed to develop new templates and implementation guidelines
  • Lack of consistency across documents prepared by business managers, case teams, partners and business development teams
  • Absence of easy access to standardized design framework for development of marketing assets to accelerate delivery of timesensitive campaigns

The Benefits

  • Customized design support for presentation needs and easy access to high-end creative visualization, on marketing material
  • Saving consultants time by providing customized design support varying from hand drawn more to slide production, to highly creative visualization on marketing material
  • Easy access to additional design support for time-critical campaigns and whitepaper launches

Our Approach

The client wanted a partner that could provide formatting and document design support to its consultants and case teams. To understand and define a location, product, and service matrix for maximum impact, Evalueserve began the relationship by conducting a workshop with core stakeholders in the client organization. We realized that a shared services desk would be able to cater to all the requirements of the client.

Following a detailed analysis, the Evalueserve team recommended

  • A shared services desk comprising designers that would handle brand adherence and creative visualization for business presentations
  • Reserved capacity for urgent requests to manage fast-track projects
  • A constantly evolving portfolio of customized products to meet business and case teams’ objectives
  • Customized staffing to suit client teams’ changing design requirements
  • Overnight delivery of large casework presentations, template setup in multiple languages, and use of several software packages to maximize impact
  • Seamless visibility of processes for both requesters and gatekeepers for proper workflow management

Our Solution

Evalueserve’s three-year relationship with the client started with a dedicated team that provided presentation support to four geographies within the Asia Pacific region. The key aspects of Evalueserve’s solution were

Easy Access to Designers

 Evalueserve staffed dedicated designers in shifts that overlap with the five ASPC locations to ensure extended access. The team is supplemented by a bench comprising experienced and trained designers who assist the existing team on on-demand peak workload.

Brand Knowledge

The Evalueserve team works in close coordination with global brand leaders in the client organization to understand brand manuals and regional stylistic elements. The team has a direct connection with the client’s in-house brand team, which ensures that the visuals created are in line with brand principles.


 The team maintains a clear understanding of the latest brand standards and templates. It also works with the core brand group to review and evolve visual reinforcement standards.

Design Framework

The project team has developed a shared design framework that helps streamline the creative briefing process and assists understanding of visualization requirements of a variety of documents, including brochures, newsletters, executive documents, and a host of external marketing collateral.

Business Impact

  • Allowed consultants to focus on their core responsibilities, spend more time on clients, and concentrate on the development of solutions to meet their needs
  • Achieved consistent look, tone, and brand standards across marketing material, presentations, and proposals
  • Gained access to brand templates in a variety of languages and formats, which allowed consultants to quickly develop, request, and / or receive materials they need
  • Realized enhanced governance and tracking abilities following the implementation of quality checklists, process manuals, and product monitoring