ESG Index Creation for a Top UK Index Provider


The client, a top UK index, sought an effective way to oversee companies optimizing climate change issues but faced challenges with updates and high costs. Evalueserve created a thematic ESG index that provided extensive support and cost efficiencies for a top UK index.

The Challenge

The UK index required a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage a global reference index of companies best positioned to leverage climate change issues. Before partnering with Evalueserve, the index needed assistance to keep up with industry and market updates. In addition, the high costs of training and ramp-up prevented the index from maximizing its impact. 

Our Solution

Harnessing our global presence and multi-language support, Evalueserve assembled a dedicated team of more than 15 full-time equivalents (FTEs) specialized in ESG coverage. The team develops assessments and scoring across 3,000 companies globally, identifying products and services specific to climate change.

The team was set up on a short notice period of three months, ensuring immediate support for the client. They quickly streamlined operations and created a thematic ESG index tailored to the client's needs. Furthermore, the team continues to maximize efficiencies across the index as they conduct essential activities, including: 

  • Capturing segment and sub-segment breakdown of revenue related to climate change, providing detailed insights into the economic impact of climate-responsive initiatives.
  • Conducting trigger-based or driver-based analyses of the company’s performance and growth metrics using climate change variables.
  • Continuously updating industry and market outperformers versus the benchmark for index management and re-balancing purposes.

Business Impact

Our partnership with the client delivered significant benefits, including: 

  • Improved go-to-market (GTM) strategy through the rapid setup of our team on short notice, showcasing our agility and commitment to meeting client needs.
  • Savings on training and ramp-up costs, with Evalueserve leveraging its expertise to create efficient and effective solutions.
  • Covering regional assets via Evalueserve teams in Chile, India, China, and Romania. Our team considers all relevant markets to provide a truly global perspective on ESG opportunities.


The successful creation and implementation of the thematic ESG index for the top UK index underscore Evalueserve’s commitment to delivering effective, tailored solutions to our clients. Our team offers the technical expertise and global perspective needed, bringing considerable time and cost savings. This collaboration is an exemplary model of innovation, agility, and alignment with sustainability goals.

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