This Medical Device Giant monitors the entire Medical Technology space through Insightsfirst


A MedTech pioneer, being a giant in the medical devices industry, needed to monitor a pool of therapeutic areas. They needed a singular centralized solution to get all insights, which they could then distribute internally to the respective stakeholders. They wanted Evalueserve to provide a holistic view and understanding of their competitors’ activities, market trends and potential disruptions, by tracking differentiated insights pertaining to business segments, key financials, marketing & strategic initiatives, therapeutic areas, reimbursement & regulatory landscape, government initiatives & policies, as well as business model and corporate strategy.

Our Solution

Evalueserve offered an all-inclusive solution, ‘InsightsFirst’  which helped the client closely track the competitors’ news and  make prompt strategic decisions on combating disruptors and growing competitors .

Insightsfirst provided a platform to better understand the competitor and market disruptions and the market evolution with respect to the key players.

  • Innovation Tracking
    To help the client get targeted insights, we conducted a comprehensive tracking of the market competition with respect to the key competitors. Key parameters tracked:
    – Business segments and financials
    – Marketing & strategic initiatives and M&As
    – Business development
    – Product launches
  • Competitive Assessment
    Regular monitoring and alerts on key competitor activities. Key parameters tracked:
    – Product launches
    – Regulatory approvals
    – Business model & corporate strategy
    – Organizational restructuring
    – Digital transformation
  • Market Assessment
    Regular tracking of innovation and upcoming technologies to understand how the market is evolving and keep a close track of trends to obtain early industry signals. Key parameters tracked:
    – Macroeconomic factors
    – Key payer & provider updates
    – Reimbursement and regulatory landscape
    – Government initiatives / policies


Business Impact

  • The regular monitoring and alerts helped the client stay updated on market and competitor activities and take timely action(s)
  • Comprehensive research reports detailing the activities and outlook of MedTech companies and head-to-head comparisons of the companies w.r.t. business segments, financials, marketing, strategic initiatives, business model, and product launches.
  • Information dissemination through a visually appealing and interactive dashboard enabling easy filtering of relevant information and a comprehensive view of competitive and market landscape on regular basis

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