Tracking Competitors Thought Leadership (TL) Strategy to Develop a Robust Content Pipeline and Increase Engagement Scores


A Tier 1 management consulting firm wanted to develop a robust TL publication pipeline and keep a regular watch on its competitor's social media strategy. The client wanted to develop a well-defined and systematic approach to Market and Competitive Intelligence to get a regular stream of real-time information, relevant insights on underlining indicators, and contextualized intelligence to make focused decisions about their upcoming TL and social media strategy.

Evalueserve deployed its integrated market and competitive intelligence solution that combines an AI, NLP, and Generative AI-enabled digital solution, Insightsfirst, and the experience and knowledge of domain experts to identify Thought Leadership whitespaces and deliver forward-looking intelligence on social media strategy of focused firms.

The Challenge

In the absence of a well-defined and structured MICI program, the client was struggling to track and analyze the plethora of publications being released by their competitors, thus making the insights process time-consuming and tedious, another key challenge was to get timely and curated intelligence to make real-time decisions. Also, the client wanted to create a robust thought leadership and eminence strategy which gives them an edge in the marketplace.

Our Solution

Evalueserve deployed an integrated MICI Program comprising of Insightsfirst to generate scalable real-time insights, augmented by a layer of CI Experts to add business context and personalization:

  • Insightsfirst
    • Pulled relevant information from 30,000 publications - 400 new TL content pieces were added every week
    • AI and NLP engines were leveraged to compare and analyze publishing activities along with the trends for practices/sectors
    • Ranked leading TL content by media share and ranked competitors by media share across more than 30 practices
    • Trend and white-space analyses was done to compare the client’s share of voice to that of competitors across sectors and service areas
    • Conducted whitespace analysis to benchmark clients’ social media strategy against their competition’s, allowing them to differentiate themselves
    • The analysis was focused on major and emerging themes like – M&As, alliances, ESG, partnerships, digital investments, new capabilities & offerings, hiring, innovations, etc.
  • Experts
    • Conducted 360-degree insights on TL activities and brand assessment vis-a-vis competitors
    • CI experts and FTEs provided full-spectrum support in planning various CI use cases, i.e., Quarterly CI Reports, Company Profiles, Battle Cards, etc.
    • Real-time improvisation of data, analysis, and scope and dep-dive research by an analyst working very closely with data

Business Impact

The platform’s real-time updates and relentless monitoring empowered the client to elevate their TL publication strategy. The client was also able to fine-tune their social media strategy and unveil new topics for future content.

Harnessing the power of competitive intelligence, the firm unlocked the secrets behind its rivals’ strengths and weaknesses in content strategy. This newfound knowledge gave them the golden key to not only understand what was working for the competition but also to maintain a razor-sharp competitive edge when strategizing their outreach.

75% increase

in engagement score of TL content

2X faster

decision-making with valuable insights

70% of users

rated the platform as “extremely useful

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