POV on Clear Aligners: Digital Workflows


Most dental companies provide fully digital solutions (from scanning to CAD / CAM) to dentists, who use integrated workflow for orthodontic and restorative treatment modalities, such as aligners, implants, and crowns. These dental companies often bundle multiple solutions, such as intra-oral scanners, CAD / CAM equipment, 3D printers, and aligners, to drive adoption among dentists.

Clear aligners are a relatively new and rapidly evolving orthodontic treatment modality as compared to wires and brackets. Since their launch, most dental companies have been trying to increase their adoption by integrating them into the existing digital workflow.

(1) Table 1: Aligner workflow that utilizes various digital equipment and technologies

Source: Evalueserve

Dentists usually prefer workflows that seamlessly integrate multiple brands, as they offer benefits such as reduced chair time, faster case planning, and enhanced experience for patients and dentists. Thus, workflow compatibility among different dental brands and the need for smoother connections between equipment have become important topics of discussion in the dental community..

(2) Table 2: Examples of dental companies with integrated aligner workflows

Source: Evalueserve


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