Decarbonizing Buildings with Mike Loth

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Sustainability and decarbonization are trending topics across every industry right now. The building industry is no exception, and host Erin Pearson is joined by Mike Loth, Executive Director and General Manager of Specialty Services in Global Sustainable Infrastructure at Johnson Controls, for today’s episode.

Johnson Controls is a leading provider of technology and services in energy efficiency, building efficiency, and sustainability spaces. They are renowned for their HVAC, building automation, fire, and security systems.

Mike and Erin discuss:

  • Johnson Controls’ eight-step framework for achieving sustainability goals in buildings.
  • Voice of the customer research and how important it is to understand what customers want and need.
  • How Johnson Controls uses the insights it receives from voice of the customer and market research to formulate a strategy regarding new market opportunities.
  • The first steps businesses should take on their building sustainability journey.

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