Transforming R&D and IP Strategy with Ashish Bodhankar

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Like all domains right now, intellectual property (IP) and research & development (R&D) are wrestling with how to apply AI to their work most effectively and what it means for the industry’s future. In this insightful episode, Ashish Bodhankar, IP Strategist Leader at Dow Chemical Company, and Decisions Now host Erin Pearson detail these topics. 

Ashish and Erin discuss: 

  • The evolving role of IP management and how technology is influencing it. 
  • How AI accelerates R&D processes, from formulation design to predictive modeling. 
  • The importance of starting small, collaborating, and using cross-functional teams when adopting AI strategies. 
  • Common misconceptions about AI, especially concerning job displacement and its ability to enhance human work. 

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