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Conference Intelligence

Get the Coverage You Need for Data-Driven Insights

Conferences offer a great platform for key industry stakeholders to present, promote and brainstorm ideas that may set future industry trends, making them an essential component to your competitive intelligence.   

Capturing key conference activities in a structured and organized manner provides deep insights into industry and competitor trends not readily available through other primary and secondary research.  

Conference and event intelligence is crucial to understanding industry specific market trends, competitor activities, customer opinions and industry practices and challenges. 

Insightsfirst’s conference solution offers a one-stop platform that empowers you with ready-to-use actionable insights. AI & ML extracts information across sources (planners, audio and video sessions, posters, social media) and converts them to rapid insights.   

Domain and language experts with on-ground and virtual experience additionally provide curation, analysis, and recommendations to optimize RoI and get your actionable outcomes faster. 

Conference Intelligence

A Programmatic Approach to Conference Intelligence

Conference Intelligence is an Insightsfirst module that helps you plan your conference coverage strategy and dive deeply into thematic analysis to build your future plan. Evalueserve’s conference solution monitors conferences over a period to realize shifting market trends and keeps all insights in an easily searchable knowledge repository.

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Use Insightsfirst Conference Intelligence to track and analyze all relevant industry conferences to increase the comprehensiveness of your competitive intelligence. Monitor all aspects of events, from pre to post event.

  1. Speaker and influencer tracking: Track the speakers and influencers who will be attending the conference. This can help identify key players in the industry and potential opportunities for partnerships or collaborations.
  2. Competitor tracking: See the conferences and events that their competitors are attending, as well as the sessions and speakers they are covering. This can help identify potential threats and opportunities in the market.
  3. Industry trend analysis: Receive analytics and insights on industry trends based on the conferences and events being tracked. This can help you stay informed about the latest developments in the industry and adjust their coverage strategy accordingly.
  4. Promotional Intelligence: See how competitors are presenting themselves to the market with detailed pictures of their booth, including the messaging and handouts they are using.
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Stay informed about the latest conversations and engagement related to the conferences and events you’re covering to identify and amplify your own social strategy.

With Insightsfirst Conference Intelligence, track conversations and engagement related to the conferences and events being covered. This includes:

  • Monitoring relevant hashtags
  • Tracking mentions & engagement
  • Identifying influencers
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Share of voice
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Easily discover key themes and trends emerging from conferences to stay ahead of the competition and be a leading voice in your industry.

Thematic analysis provides comprehensive coverage of all sessions, events, and activities at the conference, ensuring you have a complete picture of the proceedings.

Insightsfirst uses AI, ML, and NLP to perform near-real time thematic analysis of the conference content, identifying key topics, themes, and trends across all sessions and events. When tracking multiple events, Insightsfirst will perform a cross-event analysis, helping you identify new trends and avoid blind spots.

Trends are easily discoverable through interactive visualizations, making the key takeaways easy to communicate to your team.

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Keep a pulse on the evolving landscape of your industry, identify new opportunities and threats, and optimize your positioning strategies for maximum impact with benchmarking and comparator tools.

With Insightsfirst Conference Intelligence, get benchmarking on:

  • Market and R&D landscape analysis: A comprehensive analysis of the market and R&D landscape, providing insights into the latest developments, products, and players in the industry.
  • Competitive benchmarking: Benchmark competitors’ positioning strategies, clinical data, etc. against yours. This can include analyzing trial results, topline data, promotional messaging, branding, and marketing tactics across multiple conferences and events.
  • Customizable alerts: Set up customizable alerts to receive notifications when new clinical data or promotional messaging is released, or when there are significant developments in the market or R&D landscape.
  • Visualizations and analytics: Easy-to-understand visualizations and analytics of the clinical data, market trends, and competitive landscape makes it easy to understand and communicate the insights to your team.
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Insightsfirst is here to help you and your teams make better decisions. Easy-to-use functionality makes centralizing, analyzing, and distributing actionable insights a breeze.

  • Ready-to-deliver formats: All insights in the platform are curated and contextualized by domain experts, making them easy to share and act on by a variety of stakeholders, including executives and team members. Formats include presentations, word clouds, visualizations, PDFs, and more.
  • Configurable reports: Curate reports to your specific needs, choosing from a variety of data sources, metrics, and visualizations. This can include data from multiple conferences and events, as well as other market and competitive intelligence sources.
  • Collaborative planning: Easily collaborate with your team on planning and scheduling for the conference, simplifying team coordination on your coverage strategy and avoid conflicts.
  • Newsletters & Alerts: Generate automated newsletters with the most important information, sent straight to your inbox, so you never miss an important finding. This can include highlights from recent conferences and events, as well as other relevant market and competitive intelligence insights.
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Insightsfirst is build with domain-specific AI to improve your speed and efficiency.

The AI helps to filter out noise from collected data and summarize key insights.

  • Audio & Video Analytics: Evalueserve’s AI engine can view, transcribe, and extract summarized takeaways from audio and video files in 1/3 the duration of the content.
  • Phrase Cloud Generation: Phrase clouds highlight key themes and trends in data, making it easier for you to identify and analyze the most important information.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Use advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify varying sentiments (positive, neutral, and negative) from articles, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the subjective information in an expression, including opinions, appraisals, emotions, and attitudes towards a topic or company.
  • Summary Generation: Transform the way you consume content with our AI-enabled abstractive summarization tool, which automatically captures the main points and produces human-like summaries for articles. Our tool utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automatically summarize articles or documents of any size, selecting the most important sentences from the entire content to generate a summary.
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Domain experts are with you at every step of your journey, making sure insights aren’t just curated to your goals but also providing actionable recommendations.

Evalueserve’s domain experts have deep knowledge of your industry & market, including latest trends, developments, and emerging opportunities and threats. Their expertise is essential for identifying and analyzing key insights.

They also lend their expertise to analyze complex data sets, such as clinical data, market trends, and competitive positioning, and extract meaningful insights.

Domain experts ensure that the market and competitive intelligence data and analysis is accurate and reliable, providing you with high-quality insights that they can trust.

Overall, they will provide actionable insights and recommendations based on your objectives. These insights can inform decision-making and help your optimize your positioning, strategies, and get maximum impact.

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