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Ahsan Shah

Vice President, Head of Partnerships and Alliances

Ahsan Shah

Ahsan Shah joined Evalueserve in 2021 and serves as Vice President, Head of Partnerships and Alliances.

We spoke with Ahsan to learn about why he decided to join Evalueserve and his time here, as well as what drives him professionally. Read our Q&A with him below.

Q: Why did you decide to join Evalueserve?

A: I had heard great things about Evalueserve. After a very positive hiring experience, which included highly engaging conversations with the leadership team, I knew Evalueserve was the right choice. Evalueserve jumped out as a tremendous opportunity to serve a world-class organization while developing professionally and personally in my career journey. I was inspired to lead and support a new partner ecosystem and program, which was a top priority for the organization.

Q: How has your journey with Evalueserve been?

A: I am grateful for a brilliant experience at Evalueserve so far. Everyone I’ve met here is highly skilled, intelligent, and motivated, and they are experts in a variety of domains, which is motivating to be around such a talented group of individuals. I have enjoyed being a part of our strategy discussions for the burgeoning partner ecosystem and aligning with the lines of business to help evangelize the brand through our partners.

Q: How did your background influence your choice to join us?

A: I have a passion for partnerships within purpose-driven enterprise organizations, and here I get to work on partnerships for a purpose-driven organization! I was attracted to Evalueserve’s high-caliber executive team. I’ve had the privilege of working with many executive teams within software enterprises and startups and partnering with managed services organizations in the past. I felt the leadership and culture made Evalueserve a great match to contribute to my experiences.

Q: Do you have a personal mission?

A: I try to live by the principle of Ikigai – a Japanese term for the purpose of being. This means that I try to exemplify what it means to live a balanced life of purpose of work, community, and health.

In the workplace, I enjoy developing meaningful connections and relationships with our partners and customers. I’ve been fortunate through those relationships, as learning about individuals’ stories of overcoming adversity professionally and personally consistently inspires me to develop resilience.

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