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Angela Meighan

Relationship Manager


It has always been my passion to work for a company that makes a difference in the world. When the opportunity arose for me to work at Evalueserve in the Life Sciences and Healthcare business unit and I saw the company’s philanthropy in the community via the Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) team, I knew I wanted to work here! I joined not only the organization, but the CSR team and have been happy with both decisions ever since.

As I begin my second tenure at Evalueserve, I hope to continue to be an integral part of the success of the company and build on our brand recognition.

The personal charitable work I performed with Habit for Humanity, NC Special Olympics, and the Raleigh Rescue Mission in the past carried over to Evalueserve and aligned very well with the organization’s creed. My flexible work schedule allows me to continue to do good in the community and has not in any way hindered the harmony I have achieved in my life. Evalueserve prides itself on work/life balance and makes sure its employees have the tools and resources to sustain themselves. This is a company I can see myself being affiliated with for years to come.

Each day I wake with a renewed sense of purpose in my work. I know the job I do at Evalueserve makes a difference in the economic health and stability of families who are experiencing hardships due to medical procedures and life-changing afflictions. The fact that our research and data analytics help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies make informed decisions about not only how to price drugs based on the demographics in a particular area but also other challenges that may be faced in the marketplace makes me feel I am making a difference in the world. This is my greatest personal mission in life!

I want to be remembered as a kind-hearted person who lit up every room she entered, brought a smile to every face, showed warmth and kindness to every individual regardless of their station in life, and “planted flowers” that will continue to bloom every year into infinity.

Companies I have worked for in the past would talk about equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace, but they were just empty words. Evalueserve treats ALL their employees equally. Each person is evaluated based on their merits and not favoritism, which could not be said of all workplaces.

During my experience at Evalueserve, I have had the opportunity to see other parts of the world -- Dubai, China, Spain, and France -- and learn about other cultures. The representation of so many people from other parts of the world within the company has helped me broaden my horizons and embrace different styles, mannerisms, work ethics, and forms of expression. While we all come from diverse backgrounds, everyone is treated with respect and has an appreciation for understanding the other person’s point of view. This is a conflict-free workplace environment, which makes coming to work each day a joy.

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