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Ankit Dhingra


Countless Opportunities to Learn and Sharpen Professional Skills

April 6, 2009, was my first day at Evalueserve. What ensued thereafter was a great seven-year window of learning, fun, and growth. I started my journey with the Market Research department and then moved on to the Corporates and Professional Services division, where I stayed until the end of my journey with Evalueserve.

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At Evalueserve, I received countless opportunities to learn and fine-tune my professional skills – the foundation built there continues to help me until today. Professional learnings while at the firm helped me immensely when I embarked upon my MBA (in 2016); I was able to relate theoretical concepts to my experience at Evalueserve, and contribute meaningfully during discussions. The reason for pursuing MBA also, in part, stemmed from my countless interactions with my seniors at Evalueserve. I wanted to develop my ability to think strategically and critically – just the way they did!

Professionally, Evalueserve instilled two key values within me – care and meritocracy. During my time at the company, I saw leaders living by these two values (amongst others). Whether it was supporting me for my higher education or giving me opportunities (such as leading a client engagement / presentation / call), the leadership I worked with was remarkable because of how much it cared for employees. Their support and guidance enabled me to log a few professional achievements at the personal and team levels that I am very proud of. Three achievements that I would especially like to mention are related to 1) when we (Kumar Gaurav and I) resurrected a new team from scratch, 2) when Zahir entrusted me with the responsibility to lead two fairly demanding client engagements at the same time, 3) when Pratyush asked me to take on automation project for our professional services unit – all these projects and instances contributed immensely to my professional and personal growth.

On the lighter side, there were countless moments of fun and joy. We (Kumar and I) were able to build a great team, and the office almost became a second home for us. The camaraderie I built at Evalueserve has become a benchmark for me. The fun and frolic was not limited to team members but extended to our leaders as well. I remember an instance in those ‘compulsory necktie days’ at Evalueserve. I ran into Pratyush in one of the office corridors. During the interaction, he complimented the color of my tie. But lo and behold, I wasn’t wearing any!

To conclude, I truly cherished my time at Evalueserve, and still live by the learnings that were instilled in me then. I am truly grateful to all my managers and leaders there – Kumar, Alok, Zahir, Abhishek, Pratyush, and Tarun – who led by example and contributed greatly to my personal and professional development.



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