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Anshul Jain

Associate Vice President, Corporates


Evalueserve India earned a 2022 Great Place to Work Certification™, so, to celebrate this great accomplishment, we are featuring some of the great employees in our India offices.

Anshul Jain serves as associate vice president of Evalueserve’s corporates division. He leads the industrial goods and automotive team. After completing his MBA in 2009, he worked with a boutique consulting and business advisory firm before joining Evalueserve in 2011. At Evalueserve, he worked his way up from a senior analyst. Anshul says his journey here has been truly memorable and has positively impacted his professional and personal growth.

We sat down with Anshul to ask some questions about his 11-plus-year tenure here.

Q: How has your journey been in Evalueserve?

Anshul: It has been a memorable 11-plus-year journey. I was hired as a senior analyst and now lead one of the fastest-growing practices within our corporate research business. During my time here, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most knowledgeable and supportive leaders, peers, team members, and client stakeholders. In addition to this, the journey has provided me with lifelong mentors and friends.

Q: What are your milestones at Evalueserve?

Anshul: While there have been many milestones and recognitions throughout my journey at Evalueserve – 2021 was one of the highlights. In 2021, I started leading the industrial and automotive practice, and within the same year, my practice received global recognition within the company. Two of my high-growth client teams were recognized – Excel Together (most strategic win of the year) and Power of One (most exceptional team globally). I hope to continue the success achieved so far and make Evalueserve a partner of choice for many more industrial and automotive clients.

Q: How does your background align with the organization?

Anshul: I have been a part of professional services set-ups since the start of my career. From that perspective, the corporates team at Evalueserve was a natural fit for my professional aspirations. Access to some of the most notable corporations in their respective industries has aligned very well with my inclination to support them in delivering the best solutions to their customers. Being a strategic support partner to those companies has provided unparalleled learning and growth opportunities. My interest in learning new things also fits perfectly with Evalueserve’s strategy of delivering agile solutions powered by the latest technology.

Q: What drives your work?

Anshul: I am driven by a work culture that provides enough freedom to work independently and bring in new ideas, initiatives, and solutions. Evalueserve provides that culture, and for this reason, we still call ourselves a 20-year-old startup. The depth and breadth of talent available at the company help me learn something every day, and I have peers and a team that personify the true meaning of a work family.

Q: How would you want your colleagues to remember you?

Anshul: I would like to be remembered as a results-oriented leader who provided an environment that helped my team deliver to the best of their abilities. I want to be an “always reachable” colleague with whom no one is hesitant to share their thoughts and challenges and a compassionate human being who cares about his team.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Anshul: I really admire the flat hierarchical structure we follow at Evalueserve. There have been many instances (even as a senior analyst) where I led client workshops with our CEO. No other company I know of provides such exposure and opportunities to its employees. This also speaks to the confidence leaders have in their team members, providing much-needed space for independent thinking. The company has exceptional talent. There have been numerous instances where I needed to focus on my family and personal life, and the company has provided more than full support, both from management and my team.

All of the above phrases -- flat hierarchy, a suitable ecosystem for one to grow, work-life balance -- are casually thrown around in many organizations, but Evalueserve is one of the few companies that truly follows them.

Q: What have you learned during your experiences at EVS?

Anshul: There have been numerous learnings – the importance of independent thinking, maintaining a client-centric focus, and the value of delegating rather than going in all directions. All of these have helped me become a better professional.

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