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Biraj Ganguly

Managing Director

- Research Services (Americas) at Azure Knowledge Corporation

A Culture of Excellence

Although it has been more than a decade since I left Evalueserve, its memories are still quite fresh – partly due to my freaky memory (as per others) and mostly due to the memorable tenure.

Wearing a tie to office every day and the diligence with which one of the project officers checked adherence to the dress code, or the unusually high editorial standards, were initially quite overwhelming, and seemed too serious at that point. However, the culture of excellence developed during my tenure at the organization has been invaluable. Evalueserve was more of an institution than a company for me.

My journey at Evalueserve began in quite an eventful manner. I joined on June 4, 2007, and an IJP for an operational support role was announced on June 20. The role required one to manage the outsourcing of market research projects, bidding, proposals, sales support, panel building, etc. Since tenure was not a criterion for the application, I applied. Even before I had completed a month in the organization, I had appeared in a series of interviews (some as long as an hour). Finally, I was selected!

The next three years allowed me to play a role that increased my knowledge and accelerated my growth within the market research industry. The intellectually stimulating environment, focus on training and development, and a happy workplace made the experience of working at Evalueserve very special.

I feel proud to have been a part of Evalueserve’s journey of 20 years and would like to wish the entire team more success!  

Biraj Ganguly


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