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Claudia Timis

Manager, Corporates and Professional Services

Claudia Timis

In 2022, Evalueserve’s Romanian office earned its first Great Place to Work® Certification™. In recognition of this great accomplishment and our incredible employees in Romania, we are spotlighting a handful of our team members there.

Claudia Timis is a manager in our corporate and professional services division. She has been with Evalueserve for over 11 years and has personally witnessed our incredible growth in Romania. Over her time here, Claudia has steadily risen in the ranks. From business analyst, senior business analyst, researcher, research lead to manager. Read her story below.

Q: What are your favorite parts of working at Evalueserve?

Claudia: The ever-changing subjects and people we get to work with are my favorite part of the job – it’s never a boring day! Plus, the team spirit – “no man left behind,” no question left unanswered. There’s always someone willing to help you out.

Q: How has working at Evalueserve furthered your personal and career growth?

Claudia: I’ve been with Evalueserve since 2011. I know! 11 years is a long time to grow, as a professional and an individual. I was merely a young graduate when I first joined, excited by the idea of joining a global company where I got to speak to colleagues and clients from three different continents, sometimes on the same day. Interacting with people from across the globe -- from Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and North and South America -- has taught me the unique concept of cultural sensitivity, which I was unfamiliar with in my previous local work experience. Over the years, the exposure to such different interactions, trainings, and coaching sessions has encouraged me to go from trainee to trainer and even enroll in a second university program in psychology, which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. This job and company have challenged me to do some of the hardest things I’ve ever faced, whether it was cold-calling companies to ask for private information, having difficult yet sincere conversations with colleagues, or even moving to another country for six months. Sometimes, making the conscious decision to stay in the same place is the hardest thing you can do.

Q: What have you learned during your time at Evalueserve?

Claudia: You always learn something new every day, whether that’s from the industry research we do or the people we get to know. Perhaps one of the most important lessons I’ve learned, as a “generalist” myself, with no technical background per se, is that I don’t always have to know the answer to every question I am asked – I just need to know the right people who might have that answer.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Claudia: The people. We honestly have the most diverse pool of talent, from artists to pharmacists, making the most of their abilities and knowledge.

Q: Do you have a personal mission? What drives you in your work?

Claudia: I think all researchers are driven by curiosity, at first and at heart – I’d say having an inquisitive mind is one of the few essential traits of a good analyst. That, along with a constant thirst for knowledge. Personally, I find it very rewarding that I can now give back some of the good practices I learned from some of the most inspiring professionals I’ve met.

Q: Looking to the future, what are your goals for your time at Evalueserve? What achievements are you most proud of so far?

Claudia: Initially, I joined Evalueserve on a temporary basis for a two-week project because I could use all the foreign languages I knew (Italian, French, and English). I was in awe of the people I met – every day, I would go home and say, “These people are so smart!” I was not looking for a corporate job when I first joined, but here we are 11 years later!

Q: Why did you decide to join Evalueserve

Claudia: It’s been an amazing ride so far witnessing the exponential growth of the Romania office from a boutique firm of approximately 30 people to over 200 individuals and counting. I’m not sure what the future will bring, but I’m embracing it with excitement.

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