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Edgardo Torres Guzmán

Senior Consultant, Intellectual Property and Research & Development


In 2022, Evalueserve Chile earned its first Great Place to Work ® Certification™ and was awarded the Compromiso Migrante recognition by the government of Chile. In recognition of these impressive honors, we’re spotlighting some of our employees in Chile!

Edgardo Torres Guzmán is a Senior Consultant in Evalueserve’s Intellectual Property and Research & Development division. He joined Evalueserve Chile in August 2021 and applies his domain knowledge in customer package goods, the retail industry, and the customer market. Read Edgardo’s story below.

Q: How has your journey been in Evalueserve?

Edgardo: It has been an incredible experience! From the first call to set up an interview to daily work, Evalueserve has shown itself to be a mature, professional company that allows you to show how valuable you can be with your unique style. They set up spaces where you can develop your ideas and participate in challenging projects.

Q: What have you learned during your time at Evalueserve?

Edgardo: Teamwork is the key. If every one of us is committed to contributing our unique talents, then there are no unbeatable challenges!

Q: What industry are you working in? What skills does that industry require?

Edgardo: Consumer Packaged Goods. This B2C industry includes companies that manufacture and sell products that will be available for a final consumer (e.g., almost anything you could find in a supermarket). It requires experience and knowledge of the retail industry, as well as an understanding of the consumer market and people's shopping behaviors and preferences.

Q: What are your favorite parts of working here?

Edgardo: Everyone is treated as an individual contributing to a greater objective. People come first, work requirements follow. This is something you can observe globally throughout the many teams. Having the flexibility to increase your work-life balance by working from home is a clear example.

Q: How has working at Evalueserve furthered your growth?

Edgardo: Evalueserve firmly believes in talent as the key to career growth, and that means if you have the skillsets, you can keep climbing into new challenges. Whether you have a solid background or develop your skills with one of the many internal and external trainings, it is up to you to showcase that you are ready for the next step. Besides, there is a culture of allocating people to where they may better develop rather than dismissing them when something is not working.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Edgardo: Evalueserve has a great professional culture. It's goal oriented with a commitment to people's development. When life happens, the focus is on solutions rather than looking for a responsible person.

Q: Looking to the future, what are your goals for your time at Evalueserve?

Edgardo: I want to continue contributing to global solutions for some of the biggest companies in my practice area. I want to build trust with existing and new stakeholders so that Evalueserve is a top-of-mind partner when they seek support.

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