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Geoffrey Idun

Creative Director at Luxia UK

Evalueserve Transformed My Skillset

Prior to starting my tenure at Evalueserve, I had been plying my trade as a freelance branding and graphic designer for Idun Design, handling short-term campaigns for companies such as M&C Saatchi, Heineken, and LV. I had gained recognition in the UK from the likes of Computer Arts Magazine and the BBC.

Then, out of the blue, I received a call from a man called Ashish from Evalueserve HR. He had found my profile on LinkedIn and wanted to tell me about the massive rebranding that Evalueserve was to undertake, and a new Brand Manager role that had been created in the company. He invited me to apply for the job. I jumped at the chance of joining a larger, long-term project.

Within the first couple of months of joining, I traveled from the UK to India for the very first time, and gave a talk to introduce our new branding!

Over the next few months, I redesigned and rebranded hundreds of documents and held branding webinars for a global employee base of 3,500.

Six years on, and we were still constantly working to elevate the brand by collaborating with agencies, freelancers, and in-house teams across countries and continents.

Evalueserve encouraged me to improve my skillset at every step of the way. Video editing, animation, and effective design leadership were just a few. I also undertook management development training and completed a course at the University of California. Which all led me to my Creative Director position at Luxia.

And to top it all, I made life-long friends along the way!

Happy birthday Evalueserve!

Geoffrey Idun


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