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Hitesh Jain

Vice President for professional Services and VP Asset & Wealth Management


Hitesh Jain, Vice President for professional Services and VP Asset & Wealth Management has been with Evalueserve for close to 6 years. He describes his journey as enriching, full of growth opportunities and challenges. He is not one to shy away from taking the initiative and true to Evalueserve’s philosophy of driving outcomes, is powered by the drive to create decisions. Read Hitesh’s story below:

Q: How has your journey been with Evalueserve?

Hitesh: It has been a fantastic 5 years + at Evalueserve and an enriching experience throughout as I got to work with some of best minds in industry - colleagues, leaders, and team members. I got the opportunity to manage a diverse portfolio of service offerings while continuing to grow with high degree of flexibility. As a company, we have been agile in maneuvering our various strategies and service offerings through technology driven solutions in tandem with the fast-changing market and client requirements. Even though adapting to this change has presented multiple challenges, it has also provided opportunities for growth.

Q: What are your hopes from your role at Evalueserve and what do you want to achieve or aspire towards?

Hitesh: I want to help establish Evalueserve as the one of choicest strategic partners for competitive intelligence and sustainability research solution in the Asset and Wealth Management industry.

Q: How did your personal background influence your choice to join us?

Hitesh: I have been a part of the Financial Services industry ever since I started my career. Evalueserve works with some of the most notable marquee clients in this market segment. My educational background aligned well with the outcomes Evalueserve derives for its clients and so, it seemed like a natural choice to work with them. My interest in technology solutions also aligns well with Evalueserve’s Mind+Machine™ approach.

Q: What would you say drives your work?

Hitesh: The ability to work as an entrepreneur within a corporate setup, driving your own solutions to grow the business keeps me on my toes.

Q: How do you want your colleagues and the people you care about to remember you?

Hitesh: I would like to be remembered as someone who takes the initiative, cares about the people close to them and isn’t afraid to arrive at decisions.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Hitesh: Agility, innovative mindset, and the flexibility to operate and manage business. Evalueserve also empowers its people with various cross-functional and cross-geography opportunities across levels.

Q: What have you learned during your experiences at Evalueserve?

Hitesh: The most important learning is to be client-centric and keeping up with their ever-changing requirements. The entire shift in strategy from being a support team to multi-function strategic partners to clients has offered immense learning and opportunities for growth.

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