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Indraja Singh

Compliance Officer


Marked by a Passion to Work, Learn, and Grow

As I complete my 90 days at Evalueserve, I cannot express enough gratitude for my team, i.e., Compliance, as well as the company. When the pandemic hit the world, I truly started believing that we need to be more grateful and compassionate to every being. I thank my RM (Sonia Rawat) for considering me good enough to be a part of such a marvelous team.

When I was undergoing the joining process, I realized that Evalueserve has made virtual onboarding so simple and seamless that it almost felt like physical onboarding.

I lost a family member a few days after joining the organization. At that point, everyone around me made my life simpler. My main objective of writing this is to thank them whole-heartedly for being so understanding and supportive.

My team’s passion to work, learn, and grow is the aspect that resonates with me the most. I look forward to having a long and enduring relationship with Evalueserve. My seniors and colleagues have so much to offer, in terms of knowledge and learning, and I can be nothing but appreciative for the fact that they have graciously accepted me into the team, even though we have not met yet. 😊


Cheers! Happy new year, everyone! 😊

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