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Iulia Catanescu

Senior Business Analyst, Corporates Research

Iulia Catanescu

Our Romanian office earned its first Great Place to Work® Certification™ this year. We are recognizing great employees in our Romanian office to celebrate that accomplishment!

Iulia Catanescu is a senior business analyst in Evalueserve’s Corporates Research division. She joined Evalueserve in September of 2021 and applies her domain knowledge in electronics and IT to her research in the automotive, packaging, construction, pharmaceutical, and agriculture sectors. Read Iulia’s story below.

Q: What are your favorite parts of working at Evalueserve?

Iulia: What I love about this company is the freedom you are offered here. If you love to do new things and get involved in fun projects and receive lots of training, then you are encouraged and welcome to do that. If you’re the kind of person who completes their projects and wants a normal workday and life, then that’s more than okay, too. So, the company encourages you to do whatever suits you best, without any pressure. Also, you get to focus on your strengths and develop your work around them. Realizing where your strengths and passions lie enables you to set concrete goals in your professional life and gives you an actionable plan to achieve them. Evalueserve lets you focus on whatever makes you feel like you’re doing the best work you can and develop those skills to create the best world for yourself. Evalueserve has a great work culture from diversity and training programs to flexibility in your work.

Q: How has working at Evalueserve furthered your personal and career growth?

Iulia: At Evalueserve, you gain perspective on your work by working on projects from start to finish and collaborating with the client and those more knowledgeable in the industry than yourself. You are not involved in just a small part of a project; here, you have the chance to see the project from the proposal until final delivery. Employees from beginner to senior levels all get invited to clients’ meetings, which help clarify your thoughts about the industry you’re working on. They offer an opportunity to learn how the clients and managers think regarding different topics. I’ve found this very helpful in my own development and future career plans. It can really open your mind in many ways.

Q: What have you learned during your time at Evalueserve?

Iulia: What I have learned at Evalueserve is how valuable connections with other people are. Whether it’s with a colleague, manager, or client, each relationship you build with another person adds another beam of support to what you’re building in the company. Collaborating and connecting helps you trust yourself and your strengths and is a great asset in getting your job done. Never be afraid of asking questions, Everyone here is very helpful, and you can learn a lot by taking the time to listen to people’s opinions and stories.

Q: Do you have a personal mission? What drives you in your work?

Iulia: For the moment, I am enjoying my time here, having been here just over a year so far. I am making new connections, learning new things every day, and striving for success in my work. But I plan to get more involved in different projects within the team and company.

Q: Looking to the future, what are your goals for your time at Evalueserve? What achievements are you most proud of so far?

Iulia: I strive to be a valuable and engaged team member. I want to gain more experience in research and learn more about the different futuristic offerings that Evalueserve has, such as in artificial intelligence. My focus is on developing and using my strengths, as I know those are the steps to success.

Q: Why did you decide to join Evalueserve?

Iulia: I decided to work at Evalueserve because it seemed different from my previous jobs. I was curious to see something new and opposite to what I’ve done so far and see how my experience can help from different angles. I was attracted by shaping the future of industries and the dynamic of markets, and I wanted to be part of AI becoming more integrated into our lives. Also, I was thrilled by the company’s culture, reviews, and approach toward its employees.

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