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Jyotika Ahuja

Product Marketing Manager at PatSnap

Evalueserve Propelled my Professional Growth

I joined Evalueserve in 2010, and spent more than eight years in the company, i.e., until April 2019. I must say it was an enjoyable experience and super-packed with learning at every level. There is no dearth of opportunity in Evalueserve if you have the potential and the zeal to take up new challenges. From managing projects / teams and front-ending leading client accounts to international travel opportunities – you get it all at Evalueserve.

I grew as a professional with each project I contributed to, each client engagement I managed, each travel I undertook, and each team member I mentored. All these activities familiarized me with problem-solving, solution-orientedness, independent decision-making, strategic thinking, empathy, and perseverance – all of which, I believe, are vital for professional growth in any field and any organization.

Jyotika Ahuja


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