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Pamela Kusanovich

Senior Associate, Financial Services

Pamela Kusanovich

This year, Evalueserve Chile won a 2022 Great Place to Work Certification™, its first, and received the Compromiso Migrante recognition from the Chilean government for its diversity and inclusion and intercultural approach. To celebrate these impressive milestones, we’re recognizing our amazing employees in Chile.

Pamela Kusanovich is a Senior Associate in Evalueserve’s Financial Services division. She joined Evalueserve Chile in December 2016 and applies her domain knowledge in internal client project support. Pamela is also involved in communications, marketing, training, and engagement initiatives. She is known for being proactive, multitasking, agile with digital skills, creative, and analytical. Read Pamela’s story below.

Q: How has your journey been in Evalueserve?

Pamela: I have been in the company for six years now, and during this time, I have had the privilege to work with great people and managers who I admire and who allow me to learn from them and, at the same time, have my own voice.

In this time, I’ve grown professionally and as an individual, having the chance to be part of multiple external and internal initiatives, being involved in challenging projects, and connecting with our community through our CSR team, where we work to make a positive impact in our society.

Q: What are your favorite parts of working at Evalueserve?

Pamela: Working from home and having a flexible schedule is a plus because it allows me to hit work/life balance and spend time with my daughter and family. From a professional perspective, I am granted a strong sense of autonomy and the ability to drive my own work.

Also, being involved in a global corporate environment is not just fun but also gives a different appreciation for cultural diversity. It opens your mind to other cultures, and it’s an incredible opportunity to have an international career.

Q: How has working at Evalueserve furthered your personal and career growth?

Pamela: In terms of personal growth, during my time in the company I have had the chance to invest myself through pursuing educational goals and mastering new skills. And I’ve benefitted from the internal mentoring program, where we can receive feedback and learn from our more experienced colleagues and leaders.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Pamela: A key characteristic of our daily work life at Evalueserve is being involved in a multicultural workplace, which I find extremely rewarding. Whether in our direct teams or by connecting with international colleagues, we have the chance to build work relationships and even friendships across the globe and to learn about their cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Also, I think something that sets us apart, and that I highly value, is that the Chile center is driven by a female leader, who inspires us in many ways, takes care of us, and constantly motivates us to give the best of ourselves.

Q: What have you learned during your time at Evalueserve?

Pamela: I have learned to work with teams of different professional backgrounds and degrees, and with that, I’ve gained new skills to position myself in a career I am excited about.

Q: Looking to the future, what are your goals for your time at Evalueserve? What achievements are you most proud of so far?

Pamela: In terms of my next steps, I’d like to grow, work on more challenging projects, and obtain higher credentials.

I am proud of the company’s recent achievements, especially the Compromiso Migrante certification, which recognized our diversity and inclusion best practices here in Chile.

We offer numerous growth opportunities for professionals at all levels.

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