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Ramandeep Rana

Due Diligence Researcher

Ramandeep Rana

Evalueserve Molded and Polished Me into a Professional

I joined Evalueserve in 2014, and worked as a part of the Supply Chain and Logistics practice for about four years at the company’s Gurgaon office.

Coming from a core engineering background, the work, as well as the culture of the company, were entirely new to me. All my colleagues had MBA degrees, except me. Apparently, I impressed my interviewers with my business acumen and street smartness!

I learned a lot during my tenure at Evalueserve. The experience molded and polished me into the professional I am today. I would even say that the experience helped me to get into Canada’s best business management school in 2018, and equipped me to navigate the rigorous curriculum and compete with some of the top talents around the globe.

I particularly remember one client kick-off call. It was one of our largest clients, and we were asked to research the US e-cigarette industry. This particular client executive we were coordinating with had a reputation of being quiet and judgmental. Nothing ever seemed to impress him, and he never responded to any insights or research presented to him. I was put on the project by my manager, as I had developed a reputation of being able to handle challenging client interactions. I knew the first call would set the stage for all future conversations. So, I did my preliminary research on the e-cigarette industry in not just the US but also India. I even went out and bought an e-cigarette just to understand the product!

In the first call, after we presented our plan, the client asked me what I thought of the e-cigarette market in India. I was obviously prepared for it. After answering him, I also told him that I had bought an e-cigarette to understand the actual product, which made him laugh in front of the team for the first time! It was a moment of incredulous delight for all of us on the call.

This experience has taught me to always go prepared for client calls. It made me successful not only at Evalueserve but also at the Schulich School of Business during my MBA studies when I managed a 25 member in-house management consulting firm and brought in three new clients within a span of eight months. I also started conversations with several large firms that were always considered beyond the reach of a student-run company.

Thank you Evalueserve for empowering me.

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