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Sachin Malhotra

Associate Vice President, Design Services

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Sachin Malhotra, Associate Vice President, Design Services, has been a part of Evalueserve for the past nine years. He is inspired by flawless creativity, always thinks outside the box, and strives to stay up to date with market trends. Read Sachin’s story below.

Q: How has your Evalueserve journey been?

Sachin: My journey with Evalueserve over the last nine years has been really wonderful. I joined the organization as a Design Manager to grow in the creative space. I am extremely humbled by the affection and appreciation bestowed upon me – today, I handle the entire Design Services team across Evalueserve’s India centers of excellence and manage both internal and external clients. When I joined, we were a 10–12-person team, which has now grown to 100 designers! My work has been challenging and exciting in equal measure, but I have been able to successfully handle numerous responsibilities – of course, with ample support from my colleagues and the senior leadership.

Q: What more do you expect to achieve in this role?

Sachin: My goal is to take Design Services to new heights and build a creative studio at Evalueserve. I hope to elevate our company’s position in the Design Services arena by delivering innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, and make Evalueserve Design Services one of the largest teams serving various industries across the world.

Q: How did your background influence your decision to join Evalueserve?

Sachin: My experience in the publishing industry influenced my decision to join Evalueserve’s creative division. As brand marketing and communication fascinated me, I felt Evalueserve would provide a great opportunity for me to learn as well as contribute to its growth.

Q: What drives you?

Sachin: My mission is to see Design Services grow bigger and stronger. I desire to continually master new skills and technologies to adapt to the changing world of design and aesthetics. Evalueserve’s culture and our team energy drive my work. The fact that everyone is ready to put forth their best effort adds extra excitement to my work here.

Q: How would you want your colleagues to remember you?

Sachin: I would like to be remembered as a people-oriented and motivating team member.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked in?

Sachin: Evalueserve’s culture and employee-centric policies set it apart from most companies, as does the freedom it offers to us employees to make decisions for the organization. It’s also a great place to work because of an environment in which the senior leadership intrinsically trusts creative and business professionals in their field of expertise.

Q: What have you learned so far during your stint at Evalueserve?

Sachin: I like to call my Evalueserve journey a life stage full of learning. Implementing design thinking on research documents has not been easy and has tested me creatively. Evalueserve has helped me become a successful and people-oriented manager. I believe I have been able to lead my team to work cohesively and produce consistently superior results.

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