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Satyajit Saha

Vice President, and Product Lead, Professional Services at Evalueserve


Satyajit Saha, Vice President, and Product Lead, Professional Services is in his second tenure at Evalueserve. He is driven by his need to create industry-transforming products and being surrounded by his team that’s just as motivated. Read Satyajit’s story below:

Q: Why did you join Evalueserve?

Satyajit: Before I joined Evalueserve, I started focusing on digital solutions and product development. I was working with a firm that was focusing on insurtech and fintech. It was three years ago that Pratyush Prabhat from Evalueserve reached out to me about leading the development and GTM of digital solutions that we were creating for professional services firms. I decided to seize this exciting opportunity, considering I understood Evalueserve’s core service offerings, and I could see how digitizing these would add more value to clients and business teams. In addition to this, I also noticed that Evalueserve was gradually building its product ecosystem – from hiring a new CTO to opening various tech-based roles and repositioning itself in the marketplace to be a digitally-focused firm.

Q: What do you wish to achieve in your role at Evalueserve?

Satyajit: As the product lead for all digital solutions for professional services firms, I hope to build a set of products that will be viewed as game-changers and transform in this industry. Currently, our core products are used by some of the largest consulting and advisory firms, and I wish to see these become the de facto insights tool for all firms in the professional services space. While we strive to achieve this, I would also like to focus on building and growing my eminence and become an influencer when it comes to products and digital solutions for professional services firms.

Q: What would you say drives your work?

Satyajit: I would credit the culture here at Evalueserve as a driver for my work. It empowers its employees, and you get to work with some fantastic people, many of whom are equally driven. The company functions like an extremely well-structured start-up allowing it to be entrepreneurial in its approach and yet has excellent policies and frameworks in place, like any other well-functioning large organization.

Q: How do you want your colleagues to remember you?

Satyajit: When I look back on my time someday, I would want my colleagues to remember me as a changemaker. I hope they think of me as someone who created a product that truly added value to our clients and made a long-lasting impact at Evalueserve.

Q: What separates Evalueserve from other places you’ve worked?

Satyajit: As I said before, it’s definitely the entrepreneurial spirit of a small up-and-coming firm but with the functionalities of a big organization that’s well-run. The people and culture here really set it apart for me and not to mention that Evalueserve is always striving to be better and the best!

Q: What have you learned during your experiences at EVS?

Satyajit: This is my second tenure with Evalueserve. My first time with the company was in the early years of my professional career, which helped me develop into the professional I am today. From teaching me the meaning of ownership, the strategic approach to penetrating and growing an account, the importance of client satisfaction, to my need and ability to build a super productive and fun team, were lessons I picked up at Evalueserve. My second stint at Evalueserve was at a much more senior level, where I was leading the product strategy for the professional services LOB. And in the last three years, I learned the importance of listening to your customers when building products, the disciplined approach to building products, and finally how to incorporate AI/ML in the true sense, thus providing the ability to scale up faster while improving the productivity of internal teams.

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