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Shilpi Singh

Associate Director, Sustainable Finance Solutions at Sustainalytics

Evalueserve Thrives in Diversity

As I recall the days when I started working at Evalueserve in a sustainability-focused team, I realize how ‘ahead of time’ the organization was. Today, there is considerable mention of ESG and sustainability, but back in 2010, these were not mainstream buzzwords at all. I consider myself fortunate to have got exposure to the sustainability industry early in my career, recognizing how critical it is now for investors, corporates, sovereigns, and other stakeholders.

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My work with multiple leading ESG and sustainability-focused clients, during my tenure at Evalueserve, provided an excellent platform for growth. I learned to juggle work and solutioning, gained subject-matter expertise, led large teams, and strengthened relationships with global clients as well as colleagues across multiple offices. Most importantly, I developed an empowered ‘entrepreneurial attitude’ to work, as taking ownership and accountability was encouraged even if it was difficult at times.

Evalueserve thrives in diversity and that is reflected in its strong gender ratio, as well as ethnic representation in multiple office locations across Europe, North America, and Asia. I was particularly impressed with the organization’s sensitivity towards expecting and new mothers, when I became one; I appreciated the supportive organizational practices.

With world-class work comes world-class play – and whether in Evalueserve’s India or Shanghai office or when visiting clients, we made time to stop and smell the roses and shake a leg!

These experiences certainly would not have been the same without the support of fantastic teams and outstanding colleagues, including Harmeet Singh, Kanchan Mishra, Ashutosh Gupta, Nitin Garg, and many others.

I hope to stay connected to the organization as well as the insights gained!

Shilpi Singh


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