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Shveta Sharma

Vice President, Head of Center of Excellence for Competitive Intelligence – Professional Services

Shveta Sharma serves as vice president of Evalueserve’s professional services business line. Shveta has been working at Evalueserve ever since she finished her MBA back in 2007. She worked her way up from business analyst all the way to her current role. She is truly an Evalueserve success story. We sat down with Shveta to ask some questions about her over 15-year tenure here.

Q: How has your journey been at Evalueserve?

Shveta: My relationship with Evalueserve is over 15 years old. I joined as a naïve college fresher in January 2007 and never looked back. Year by year, Evalueserve nurtured and groomed me into a true professional. The firm has added credibility to my knowledge, experience to my intellect, and empathy to my decision-making.

All my personal milestones were achieved with the strong support and backing of my family at Evalueserve. There have been times when “the going gets tough,” but my team and colleagues and, overall, Evalueserve as a firm have always been the powerhouse I could lean on and gather myself to move ahead and face the challenges.

In all these years, I have learned to aim higher, work harder for the goal, and push the bar a notch every time. The consistent encouragement and mentoring that is second nature to all the seniors I have worked with have added exponential value to my professional journey.

Q: What have been the major milestones in your 15-year-career at Evalueserve?

Shveta: Evalueserve is the center of all my professional milestones, from my first promotion to the latest in January 2022 to Vice President of Professional Services. As I have worked with this consulting giant since day 1 of my career, it has been amazing to watch us go from the pilot phase to today, 14 years later, when we offer services and product support from five operation hubs. The journey has been nothing short of spectacular, and it is still just beginning.

I have had the opportunity to work from and visit almost all Evalueserve Ops hubs – India, Chile, China, and Romania. These visits have added a lot of color to my perspective of running a multi-cultural team across time zones, each bringing unique strengths and challenges. Each team member has added to my experience and learning in a way that supports me in decision-making with maximum impact for the client and business for the firm.

Q: How has your personal background aligned with the organization’s culture in the years you have been with Evalueserve?

Shveta: My parents raised me on two main principles: study and have faith. I completed my bachelor’s in economics, master’s in economics, and an MBA in international business before venturing into the professional world.

During the MBA placement season, I had little knowledge or awareness of the KPO industry. I took a leap of faith when I got placed in December 2006 and received my Evalueserve offer in January 2007. Evalueserve’s culture reflects the primary values of my upbringing: hard work, determination, and a focused trajectory towards goals.

Q: Do you have a personal mission?

Shveta: I want to be a role model for my daughter; I want to make sure she grows up to be an independent woman. She should be able to take pride in being ambitious and following the dreams that give her an identity and recognition. I want to make sure I leave her with a story about creating your own path – when no one expected you to be something, you created a unique path for yourself and have come out on the other side with wings on your shoulders.

As a working mom, I am always in the loop of “mom guilt.” I want to break it so that other women in the professional world who move out of the corporate life can find some strength from my journey and strive to move ahead instead of moving out. This will create a legacy for other young female leaders to follow when their time comes.

Q: How do you want your colleagues to remember you?

Shveta: I am a people person. My team has always and will always come first.

I want to be remembered as the leader everyone could walk up to and talk their heart out. I hope people remember me as someone who awarded meritocratic growth opportunities and provided fair, proper guidance.

Q: What have you learned during your time at Evalueserve?

Shveta: Evalueserve has played a huge role in molding me as a person, and, as all of my professional career so far has been here, has facilitated countless learning moments. Some of the lessons I’ve learned include the importance of being team-oriented. I pride myself on always putting the team first, and I’ve learned that a good leader plays to team members’ strengths and encourages their team members to acknowledge and develop areas where they may be lacking.

I’ve come to understand the importance of always being ready to learn – knowledge can be gained from anyone, regardless of their title or years of experience. Going off that, we often learn and develop from listening.

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