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Tarun Bhatia

Vice President, Manufacturing Practice


Evalueserve is thrilled to announce our Indian offices won the 2022 Great Place to Work® Certification™. We are highlighting our great employees to celebrate this achievement.

Tarun Bhatia serves as Vice President of Evalueserve’s manufacturing practice, with over 15 years of his professional career spent at Evalueserve. Keep reading to learn more about Tarun’s journey.

Q: Could you share a major milestone in your 15-year-career at Evalueserve?

Tarun: While my 15-year journey has been a sinusoidal wave with many milestones and accomplishments, the one closest to my heart is from the late summer of 2017. We ran a design thinking workshop for a large industrial conglomerate at their headquarters in Switzerland. For almost two days, we assembled in a garage-like workplace with no laptops or mobile phones – only worksheets, whiteboards, markers, sticky tabs, and paper clips. We were joined by our company’s co-founder, Marc Vollenweider, and a few specialists from our data analytics team. After the workshop, the client’s team reflected that our method of conducting the workshop and orienting it towards the objective was much more effective than that of any marquee consulting firm. What a great feeling of pride and fulfilment!

Q: What is the main principle you follow at work?

Tarun: I always take a proactive approach to connecting with our customers and team members. Our customers are looking for ideas that would benefit their business, so they appreciate it when we proactively suggest ideas and solutions. Our global team is a group of smart and intelligent people, with many being a part of “Generation Z.” They are fast learners and quick problem solvers. In most cases, they already have a solution or approach to a problem statement, so they just need it validated.

Q: What makes Evalueserve different from other companies?

Tarun: At Evalueserve, every day we have the opportunity to solve the emerging needs of the world’s biggest companies. It feeds into the ‘self-actualization’ needs – the highest level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.

Q: Have you had a mentor?

Tarun: I have been fortunate enough to have many excellent bosses and customers who contributed to my success. For example, in my initial days at Evalueserve, I learned from a customer, a chief economist in London, how important it is to “connect the dots” to generate strategic insights in the consulting environment. Over my career, my bosses have shown me the importance of taking risks and thinking outside the box.

Q: Do you have any book or podcast recommendations about workplace growth?

Tarun: I really like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” by Stephen Covey. Several techniques from this book have helped me solve practical situations at work. These days, I read a lot about climate change, sustainability, and decarbonization, which I apply to my work.

Q: How do you want your colleagues to remember you?

Tarun: I’d like to be thought of as a leader who empowers others!
While I am a big advocate of technology and its applications, I believe the effective leadership impact through ‘human interaction and foresight’ will only get bigger and more valuable in the future, even when the Metaverse and its associated technologies come to a reality.

Q: Do you have a personal mission?

Tarun: I strive to stay true to my values in each and every action. I do not believe in shortcuts. As a leader, I want to foster a collaborative culture where my colleagues are comfortable expressing their opinions, even when they differ from mine.

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