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Vikram Suri

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Vikram Suri

We Set Out to Create a New Industry and World… and We Did!

I joined Evalueserve about 20 years ago.

It had just been founded. And there were a handful of us, hired directly by the founders, to bear out a new business model. Maybe to create a new industry… and maybe even change the world!

All we had achieved by that time was the idea and the ambition. The business plan had to be written, the first client had to be won, and the first dollar earned. Yet, the ambition was already lofty… the quality standards, belying our age and talent, had us punching way above our weight!

Up until then, I had been working at Arthur Andersen. What a dramatic change it was from a 100-year-old leader of a conservative industry to this energetic, motivated, newfangled entity!

I was sold on the idea at the very first meeting. Yet, it was an unconventional choice. The dot.com bubble was bursting. My junior IIM batch-mates were facing mass layoffs or witnessing elite firms of the world backing out on their offers. My well-wishers were concerned. I still remember the incredulous story Outlook magazine did on Evalueserve, which opened with these memorable lines:

“Q. What on earth would prompt anyone in his senses to quit a job with a company like Andersen in times like these? A. A better job.”

Yet, we did achieve almost everything we had set out to

New business model: ✓
New industry: ✓
Top-notch clients: ✓
Profitable business: ✓
Attractive valuations: ✓
Leadership in the talent market: ✓
World-leading talent: ✓ (I said that already)
Perfectionist quality standards: ✓
Winning culture: ✓
Catapult for careers: ✓
IPO: well, about that…

Personally, for me, it changed my life. My closest friends are from that era (you know who you are). My mentors too. Leaders of God knows how many businesses around the world are friends of mine from Evalueserve. It is the place where I learned most of my technical skills, which have served me to this day. It is where I led my first team and my first business. Values such as ‘obligation to dissent’ have been the foundation of every business culture I have had the opportunity to build since then. 

Thank you, Evalueserve. Proud of you!

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