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Yamini Dhawan

Editor and Lead Researcher at Gartner

A Fun-filled Ride!

My experience at Evalueserve was quite vibrant and enriching. It included learning, celebrations, awards, unstoppable laughter, presentations, dashboards, and lots of hard work!

Sales meetingTeam Event, Secret Santa

“If you aim to get exposed to a variety of professional tools, be at Evalueserve,” this is one advice that I gladly give to my juniors. During my tenure at the organization, I was able to upskill myself in multiple areas, such as profound sets of databases and advanced MS skills. All this was mostly possible because of the exceptionally helpful team mates I had! The various projects that I now lead have a flavour of what I thoroughly experienced and learnt at Evalueserve.

Amid all this, I also remember how infamous my team was for being notorious! We would get emails from our group manager, asking us to reach office on time, and reminders to remain a bit quiet and not disturb other teams with our conversations and giggles! We would not miss any chance to attend all the fun events – the live telecast of cricket matches in the cafeteria, Diwali melas, flash mobs, and ‘Evalueserve Got Talent’ competitions, to name a few. With a humble brag, I can recall winning one such Evalueserve theme song competition!

These good times will always remain etched in my memory. 



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