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How marketers at asset management firms should approach automation and analytics to maximize ROI

This white paper shows how innovations in automation can deliver real benefits in the way asset managers generate marketing content, distribute it to stakeholders and analyze the results of their efforts. Check what innovations are these and how they can help you increase efficiency by 50%.

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Beyond Spend Analytics

“Off-the-shelf” or automated spend analytics is great—but it only brings you part of the value you could realize. You could unlock deeper insights and higher ROI by combining spend information with other datasets and moving up to higher-order analytics.

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Predictive sourcing: What will the future bring?

Predictive sourcing holds out the promise of making procurement decisions using accurate predictions based on the analysis of big data. At the most basic level, e-sourcing can deliver important operational benefits and efficiency gains. But it can also play a more strategic role, helping procurement teams move from considering ‘what if?’ scenarios to making more rigorous predictions.

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How Can CPOs Manage Spend Effectively With A Small Procurement Team?

As procurement teams shrink, CPOs are looking at new ways to realize savings, increase spend under management and take a strategic view of sourcing – without increasing headcount. In this white paper, we examine how CPOs can manage spend effectively with a small procurement team.

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How Cognitive Technology is Transforming Procurement

Cognitive technology has the power to change the way we do business profoundly and transform the way procurement professionals approach their work. In this white paper, we examine three key areas of cognitive technology and their impact on the Procurement function: machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Demystifying MiFID II – The Future of Sell-Side and Buy-Side Research

The unbundling of research provisions in MiFID II is likely to have a significant impact on all market participants. How will the new rules affect investment firms / sell-side firms, asset managers / buy-side firms, and research partners?

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8 Factors for Efficient Database Subscription Management

Database subscriptions are a necessary expense, but many financial services companies are finding they spend more than they need to. Impressive savings can be made with effective, centralized management processes.

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Best Practices for Innovation Without Borders

Identifying the right opportunities to drive customer engagement is crucial to sustaining a high organic growth rate. Considerable capital is spent on process-oriented approaches to innovation, which carry a high risk of failure and do not guarantee returns.

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