Analytics Center of

For a modern business to unlock their full potential, robust and reliable data analytics is a must-have. Evalueserve will help you plan, implement and nurture your own Analytics Center of Excellence.

Our engagement model involves a multi-stage process that defines the business problem, moves through discovery led or hypothesis-based experimentation, and involves appropriate technical feasibility and business evaluation studies. We work closely with our clients to develop a scalable solution that delivers sustainable efficiency to the enterprise.

The building blocks of your Analytics CoE


  • ● Vision & mission
  • ● Corporate & business alignment
  • ● Frameworks & roadmaps

Organizational model

  • ● Structure type & collaboration model


  • ● Talent strategy:
  • Attract, acquire, develop & retain


  • ● Governance framework
  • ● Workflow & project management
  • ● Knowledge management


  • ● Connectivity
  • ● Tool categories, standards & protocols
  • ● Helpdesk support

Data management

  • ● Infrastructure
  • ● Governance & application support

RoI framework

  • ● Strategic alignment
  • ● Use case prioritization
  • ● Monitoring & reporting


  • ● External consultants
  • ● University partnerships
  • ● Industry associations
  • ● Supplier–dealer–customer partnerships

Our collaborative engagement model includes:

1. Capability & capacity
We have deep expertise in advanced analytics, including machine learning and artificial & deep learning, which aids in complex problem solving. Our collaboration with your analytics team greatly increases their impact, with cost and time zone advantages. We will design the right solution mix of research, strategy and analytics, tailored to your needs, to give the optimal value-to-cost ratio.
Additional horsepower to the clients’ analytics team (with both cost and time zone advantage).
Solution mix of Research, Strategy and Analytics for most optimal value-to-cost ratio.
2. Frameworks
Our robust framworks for effective use case identification, execution and implementation help you achieve four critical items in your Analytics Center of Excellence:
(i) Innovate by experimenting
(ii) Prioritize projects and initiatives
(iii) Define the right KPIs for success
(iv) Institutionalize analytics within your organization
3. Consistency & governance
Our experience-based best practices with regard to different maturities and organizational models (decentralized, centralize, boutique, federated, etc.) ensure that we can tailor our solutions to any business model. Our frameworks are designed with the compliance, data protection and confidentiality norms for your industry in mind.
4. Frameworks that take care of Compliance, Data Protection and Confidentiality Norms

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