How asset managers can do more in less time

How do you form a marketing or an asset management strategy? By acquiring information efficiently and generating new insights. Modern knowledge management systems can help you by uniting industry expertise and cutting-edge applications. A combination of trained minds and the best available applications and platforms can lead a company on the growth path.

Through knowledge management systems, asset management companies can:

  • Stay updated in the dynamic modern market
  • Assess key trends better
  • Devise strategies to improve current offerings
  • Understand their competitors’ SWOT profile

The strength of automation lies in its efficiency. Automated applications find, sort and deliver information to integrated databases, eliminating the need to search multiple sources. When combined with quality control and data enrichment workflows, automated data retrieval improves a company’s confidence.

There are many ways of harnessing these efficient applications:

  1. Funds flow dashboards: They provide an interactive interface to enhance analytics of automatically retrieved data, thereby improving analysis of industry and competitor fund flows. The best dashboards track competitor strategies.
  2. Central competitive portals: They enable quick access to competitive insights by eliminating the need to undergo the complete process of source identification, data collection, and designing of presentation elements.
  3. Interactive market reports: Sometimes auto-generated and at other times created through the right sources and tools, such reports give critical information in a form that can be filtered and searched. They are best used to identify market trends, themes, and facts that affect target client segments.
  4. Centralized knowledge management platforms: They are an excellent way of streamlining collaboration between multiple teams. It improves intra- and inter-team collaboration by allowing users to auto-generate keywords and tags for reports they create, as well as by making them searchable for colleagues.
  5. Automated news flow tools: Useful in newsletter publication, these tools reduce the manual effort involved in finding, tagging, and writing news summaries.

Optimized processes that combine the ingenuity of dedicated researchers with the efficiency of automation can bring significant benefits to asset management firms. For example, Evalueserve recently re-engineered the knowledge management process of a leading US asset manager to automate some necessary time-consuming activities. The client was delighted with the results – not only did its productivity increase by ~25%, but it also began saving more than 700 hours or 87 working days per year.

Another of our interesting mind+machine solutions helped our client create earning analysis reports in less than 30 minutes, achieving efficiency gains of almost 90%. Similarly, an asset manager saved 200 hours annually with our application that automates tasks related to newsletter creation, including reviewing and tagging 15 databases, managing more than 600 Google alerts, and tracking about 50 competitors.

Leading asset management companies are already reaping the benefits of process automation, expert knowledge management platforms, and report and newsletter applications. These services and solutions are helping people cope with the sheer volume of available information and advance their business. No asset management company can afford to stay untouched by this revolution.

Ashutosh Gupta -Co-Chief Executive Officer
Ashutosh Gupta
Co-CEO and Global Business Unit Head, Financial Services Posts
Jyoti Bachwani

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