Evalueserve provides support for new India REACH legislation

What Is India REACH?

The term REACH has come from EU legislation that is in place to improve the protection of human health and the environment. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. India is currently reviewing and awaiting implementation of a new national chemicals law currently termed as the “Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules” (CMSR). The scope of the CMSR covers notification, registration and restriction, or prohibition of use of chemical substances, substance in mixtures, and substances in articles and intermediates placed in Indian territory in quantities above one ton per year. This new law is often called India REACH and is going to provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals. 

This new legislation is timely as India currently ranks as the 6th largest producer of chemicals globally and its output is expected to double by 2025. A review by the Indian government concluded that there is an absence of EU REACH-like or US Toxic Substances Control Act like regulations for chemicals in India. There is also no national chemical inventory or any chemical registration requirement either. So, the Indian government proposed its own EU REACH-like regulation and drafted Chemical Management and Safety Rules.

When does it happen?

According to industry and government watchers, the India REACH legislation is expected to be passed into a law in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2022 following release of the CMSR fifth draft in August 2020. 

Who does it impact?

The new legislation will impact all manufacturers and importers placing chemicals in India in quantities greater than 1 ton where they will be obliged to either notify or register chemicals based on their properties. Indian Importers will be able to use an ‘Authorised Representative’ located in India to assist with the process of registration and notification.

How does it impact?

With India REACH being implemented, companies will be impacted if their chemicals are non-compliant with the new chemical safety rules. Whether manufacturing or importing products in the market in India, companies need to be aware that any non-compliance with the chemical regulations may result in fines being imposed. Those companies that understand their upcoming obligations and prepare well in advance will have a competitive edge. Looking forwards, companies that implement processes to comply with India REACH can enhance their environmental sustainability and human safety of their products. This move to implementing well established international practices in chemical safety is a welcome change in the Indian sectors producing and using chemicals in product manufacturing.

How can Evalueserve help To Comply with India REACH?

Evalueserve will successfully guide and support clients through the new and existing chemical safety legislations and will walk you through the new India REACH notification/registration process. Our regulatory toxicologists will enable you to successfully implement processes to ensure legal compliance with the legislation. As we specialize in high-volume technical data search and scientific safety assessments, we can deliver India REACH support to a full portfolio of chemicals in a timely manner.

Our risk assessors and toxicology data scientist compile data using access to over 70+ data sources and perform key data gap analysis. We undertake in-depth chemical substance characterisation (i.e. physicochemical, toxicological, eco-toxicological testing), determine relevant exposure scenarios and evaluate risk management measures. During the lifecycle of your product, we will update the registration dossier as per regulatory requirements. 

Evalueserve monitors updates and changes in the regulatory landscape for India and in other international chemical safety legislation and we ensure that our client’s chemical safety and regulatory needs are met and stay up to date.

We have partnered with and supported many different sizes and geographically located companies across chemical use and production sectors such as consumer care, household, cosmetic, agrochemicals, health and wellbeing products and medical devices.

What is Evalueserve’s experience in this area?

The Chemical Safety and Regulatory Affairs group in Evalueserve has over 20 years’ of experience on classification and labelling of substances, substance notification, registration, safety data sheet production, toxicological hazard screening and risk assessments and so we are very well placed to support companies in successfully implementing processes for India REACH. In our work supporting companies with chemical safety needs we have already produced over 300 Product Information Files and Cosmetic Safety Product Reports, undertaken EU REACH support for over 1500 chemicals, supported classification and labelling of over 1000 chemicals and produced in depth toxicological profiles to support all these activities. Our focus is always to serve the best solutions for a client’s needs to ensure our clients deliver on their human and environmental safety obligations and goals.  Together our efforts support the sustainable use and production of chemicals in India.

If you have questions about the upcoming legislation and how Evalueserve can support you, please reach out to us for more information.

Noopur Pandey
Noopur Pandey
Consultant, Chemical Safety and Regulatory Affairs Posts

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